Missionville: More than 100 sold, 6 reviews

After two weeks since publication, I wanted to provide a quick update on how Missionville is doing.

All sales are through Amazon, whether its for the paperback or kindle version.

In total, more than 100 copies of Missionville have been sold, three quarters of those sales are for the paperback.

The majority of sales have come through amazon.com (the US market), but a few have come from .co.uk (where I now live) and .ca (Canada, where I worked at Woodbine for two years). I had a friend of mine test whether it can be purchased in India (.in), it can!

So far, the book has received six 5 star reviews. Four of these reviews are on the .com site, two are on the .ca site. I thought it was odd that amazon doesn’t combine the reviews, so each site shows all six. I am told they don’t do that, because of language issues, they don’t want a customer to see reviews in a foreign language. Makes sense, although obviously in the case of these three sites, all reviews are in English!

Excerpt: Missionville, Chapter 4