Consulting: Internet, Social Media & Mobile

Free Marketing Framework

Framework developed that explains the impact of internet, social and mobile

thought leadership + whitepapers + connect

My consulting work has focused on internet, social media and mobile adoption, as well as the MBA admissions space.  I am currently working on projects with Southwark Consulting and Clear Admit.
Thought Leadership

Ideas I have developed in the MBA admissions space.

5 Overarching Attributes of an MBA candidate: Intellectual Capacity, Effectiveness, Ambition, Passion and Values

A Tiered MBA Ranking System

Ideas I have developed as the social and mobile era has evolved.

How connected are you with your audience? What is your company’s connected reach, connected density ?

Free Marketing Framework The increasing impact of content outside the direct control of a brand, and the importance of content marketing to manage the conversations.

Social Media Landscape Framework (Series of 10). Broad-based versus niche focused social media platforms, and the changing life cycle of social media.

Mobile First Generation. The next generation, whose first engagement with the internet is via a mobile device.

White Papers

I have thought about this stuff for a long time. During my time working in the MBA Admissions industry for Wharton and then Clear Admit, I published two white papers with Zehno Cross Media Communications.

Engagement Marketing Revisited: How to Embrace the New Social Media Tools, zehno, 2009 (revised from original white paper, 2006)

Discussion Boards, Chat Rooms, and the power of Transparency, zehno, 2003


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