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Speaking Engagement: Delaware Equine Council

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After publishing my Barbaro book I undertook an extensive book signing and speaking tour. I am still available for speaking engagements.

I have spoken in classrooms to young children, and keynoted major fundraising events.


The focus of any talk will depend on the audience. For instance, this talk could be given to an audience interested in learning more about social media, with an emphasis on point 4; it could be given to a pony club audience, which will focus on points 2 and 3; it could be given to a leadership audience, with a focus on points 1, 2 and 5.

1 What we can learn from the main protagonists from my book: Michael Matz, the Jacksons and Dr. Dean Richardson.

> Leadership > Passion > Detail

2 How Barbaro became so inspirational, and what we can learn from Barbaro, as a role model.

> Key Characteristics > Be your best > Live for the moment

3 The equine and human connection, and how important horses have been to human history.

> Horses role in human history (from Bucephalus to Zenyatta) > Inspirational characteristics of the horse

4 How to develop a community, a community of action, in the age of social media.

> Inspiration (Barbaro) > Medium (TWR / ABR, ever evolving) > Issues (Supporting Barbaro -> Horse welfare) > Nurture > Let the Community Lead

5 My own journey, inspired by Barbaro

> Developing a community > Leading a community > Research and Travel > Writing a book


Alex Brown’s astute observations captured during the Barbaro experience offer much more than a horse story about a great thoroughbred athlete. Brown’s insights provide value for social media, marketing effectiveness, enhanced team building and community organization for action. Through witnessing the team dynamics at work during Barbaro’s care, Brown has crafted relevant applications for corporations, nonprofit organizations and community groups alike. I highly recommend Alex as a resource for those who aim for greater efficiency and organizational effectiveness. Additionally, Brown’s personal speaking style provokes thought and engages audience members in a meaningful way. — Greater Towson Committee, Holiday Reception 12/11

Thank you so much for speaking at our dinner meeting last night. You did a FANTASTIC job! I personally found your book and speech very interesting as I am sure our customers did as well. — The Mill, Equine Dinner 2/12

Fabulous talk by @AlexBrownRacing on value of social media in building a community! Based on Barbaro story & his book

Had an inspirational evening – such a pleasure to spend time with @AlexBrownRacing. Go buy his book. Run. Don’t walk


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If you are interested in discussing a speaking engagement, please e-mail me at alexbr4cornwall@gmail.com