Teaching: Digital Marketing: class notes & slides

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I also created and taught a class “Internet for first time starters,” at Woodbine race track for backstretch workers.

Class notes and slides for Digital Marketing.

I am currently a course leader for Digital Marketing Strategies programs for Columbia Business School, Kellogg School of Management and National University of Singapore via their partnerships with Emeritus Institute of Management.

I am also a learning manager for Mastering Digital Marketing at London Business School.

I taught at the University of Delaware from 1992 – 2014 (with a couple of breaks). I taught undergraduate marketing students for the most part, but also taught 2 MBA electives. My core focus has been how technology has impacted marketing, teaching Digital Marketing (under a variety of names) for 17 years. I have also taught Introduction to Marketing, Retail and Channels, and Advertising Strategy (MBAs).

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Digital Marketing: Class Notes and Slides

This is the archive of the class I have taught from 1997 – 2014: Digital Marketing. It includes links to class notes for each topic, as well as slides for each topic.

  1. Notes: Background
    Slides: Background

    Social Media Evolution
    Key takeaways: We are at a moment in time, we have come far, and we will go far. Which events, and people, shaped the internet and technology as it is today. Why is this important? Examine the state of the social media landscape so we can understand how the different platforms co-exist.

  2. From HTML to SEO:
    Notes: Learning HTML
    Notes: Search Engine Marketing
    Slides: Search Engine Marketing
    Notes: Design
    Slides: Design
    Key takeaways: Learn the language of the internet, and the structure of a web page. Use this to understand search engine optimization and other design issues to maximize the return of a web presence. Do the design issues change for mobile consumption?
  3. Media Evolution
    Notes: New Media Economics
    Slides: New Media Economics
    Notes: Changing Media Landscape
    Slides: Changing Media Landscape
    Notes: Mobile Adoption
    Slides: Mobile Adoption
    Key takeaways: Understand the key drivers behind the shift in media consumption, from a top-down, controlled paradigm, to a fragmented, algorthmically-driven paradigm. Why these changes are occuring and their relevance to marketers who rely on media to communicate with audiences.
  4. Consumer Behavior
    Notes: Consumer Behavior
    Slides: Consumer Behavior
    Key takeaways: We look at the rapid growth in the use of the internet and social media. We also explore the increasing shift from PC-based access to mobile access. These changes impact consumer behavior, as does the rapid rise in the use of the internet. Consumers are now more empowered through the decision making process, as the internet has become more ubiquitous.
  5. Marketing Evolution
    Notes: Digital Advertising
    Slides: Digital Advertising
    Notes: Engagement Marketing
    Slides: Engagement Marketing
    Notes: Content Marketing
    Slides: Content Marketing
    Notes: Viral Marketing
    Slides: Viral Marketing
    Notes: Building Community
    Slides: Building Community
    Key takeaways: Digital media is different. It used to be paid media opportunities only for advertisers; advertisements were designed to disrupt traditional media consumption. Now we have an explosion of paid, owned and earned media opportunities, as a result of the internet and the subsequent evolution of social media, which has expanded the “free marketing” space. Marketers can engage in a direct dialogue, rather than a one-way monologue via an independent medium, with consumers. Marketers’ investment continues to shift to digital, while the Super Bowl continues to break records for advertisers. We will explore all this, and more.
  6. Global Governance
    Notes: China
    Notes: Wikileaks
    Slides: Global Governance

    Key takeaways: We are used to living in a society that is governed at a nation-state level. The internet is global and rather chaotic in design. We look at China and Wikileaks, separately, to understand some of the new challenges

  7. Analytics: One-to-One Targeting
    Notes: Big Data
    Slides: Big Data
    Key takeaways: More data, cheaper storage, better analytics. What does all this mean? How are algorithms changing marketing, and how real is machine learning. We also look at Cloud Computing, and how this changes the costs of computing, and provides additional services opportunities. All this presents privacy challenges that are proving difficult to legislate effectively.
  8. Product Issues
    Notes: Open Source, Crowdsourcing, Ecosystems, Intellectual Property
    Slides: Open Source, Crowdsourcing, Ecosystems, Intellectual Property

    Key takeaways: How did Open Source development go from a “geeky cool” idea to a mainstream product development methodology used in many fundamental technologies? How do ecosystems impact product success, and additional intellectual property issues.

  9. Distribution Issues
    Notes: Online Retail, Disintermediation, Short Channels, Smart Channels
    Slides: Online Retail, Disintermediation, Short Channels, Smart Channels

    Key takeaways: How the new internet channel has disrupted traditional channels, and how mobile disrupts even the traditional shopping experience, for good and bad.

  10. Price and Payment IssuesNotes: Price and Mobile Payments
    Slides: Price and Mobile Payments

    Key takeaways: How transparency has increased price competition, and the evolution of new online payment systems.