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This page lists race horses that are rescued from horse slaughter at horse auctions, and other situations such as the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF).

Notable racehorses slaughtered include Exceller and Ferdinand

OTTBs with new careers

OTTBs now have their own page.

Rescued Racehorses from Auction

King's Bay Boy

Destiny by Chance

Johnny B Quick


John The Artist

Luna Joe

Miss Lucky Penny

Pro On The Road


Shady Joyce

Straight Girl


What's Up Lonely

Patriot (registered name not known. Tattoo illegible, papers trashed at auction)

Zamara (Registered name "Chika")

Rescued from Slaughter Pens

Big Hope

Dixie Rap


The Cowardly Lion

Track Rat

Painted Pistol

My Little Bean

Pogolotti Hill aka BamBam aka Bailey

Sunshine Denise

Leroy (Cauldron)

Dorothy Dixer

Wack'em Lizzy [ Boost ]

[[Post A Note][1]]

From TRF

Half a Biscuit

From Brokers Who Sell to Slaughter

Lights On Broadway

Lone Star Miss

Good And Game [2]

Wild Eye Bill [3]

Our Son Rob [4]

Mad Mac [5]

Distant Kid [6]

Upon The Roof [7]

Spectacular Won [8]

King's Temper [9]

Sully's Silver [10]

Midnight Manner [11]

Top Encounter [12]

Prospectors Sally [13]

Franconia [14]

Frnchised [15]

Ruthie's Glimmer [16]

Tis Unanswerable

Transitioned from the Racetrack

Doctor Decherd


Eye Pea Oh [17]

Trois Villes [18]

Yeager's Jet [19]

Forty Five [20]

Luckymata [21]

Gifford's Kid [22]

Thisbirdcanfly [23]

Take A Chance [24]

Countontherun [25]

Midnite Ruckus [26]

Handsome Jolly Jim [27]

Winds of Summer [28]

Superhappycombo [29]

Wild Will's Wish [30]

Tisontoo [31]

Diablo's Caper [32]

Cypress Cove at AC4H

They Call Me Colonel - WTTF

Dashing Mariah - WTTF

Mr. Fix - WTTF

Texas T Bird - WTTF

Darlib - WTTF

Almond Rocha - WTTF

Sweet Year - WTTF

Princess Bahri - WTTF

Sheik ja Booty - WTTF

Game Cadillac - WTTF

Hot Plan - WTTF