Horses: Sports, Culture, and Slaughter examines a hugely controversial issue in a pragmatic fashion.


Fair Hill, MD, May 14, 2015 – Alex Brown has launched a new 55 minute video series titled, Horses: Sports, Culture and Slaughter, available at

The series is designed to be a comprehensive overview of the controversial issue of horse slaughter, in a manner that is not emotional, nor biased. The goal of this series is purely educational, allowing anyone to get up to speed with all the issues related to horse slaughter in the United States.

Praise from previews of the series include,

“it is very well done, Alex. I think it’s easy for the average person to understand but not too average for those that are already involved.”

“Very effective. Great command of the entire subject.”

“Enjoyed the videos! They were a very informative overview of the issue without getting either slanted or the sort of graphic that gives me nightmares”

“informational, not emotional nor based on opinion”

Alex Brown has focused on the issue of horse slaughter for eight years. He has not only written about the subject, but has frequented many of the “kill auctions” and other venues related to the issue; much of this content is also featured in the series.

Brown has been a horseman his entire life, galloping horses for many top racehorse trainers for many years. Brown is also the author of the horse racing biography, Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and His Legacy.

On producing this series, Brown noted, “I wanted to create a resource that anyone could watch and from which they can learn. Some of the discourse that deals with this divisive issue is either biased to the point of view of the publisher / writer, or is so visually horrifying that no one wants to watch. I deliberately stayed away from the gory stuff. Now I just hope people watch, and it creates discussion.”

On why he produced a video, rather than an essay or book, Brown continued, “I recognize how difficult it is to encourage an audience to buy a book, and even then, you don’t know whether it is read. My goal is to get this content out there; I figured a free resource, that the audience can watch, might be the way to go.”

For more details on the video series, please visit: e-mail or call / text: 302 750 0468