Launching: Horses: Sports, Culture, and Slaughter


Horses: Sports, Culture, and Slaughter

I am super psyched to launch this video series: Horses: Sports, Culture, and Slaughter.

The goal of this series is purely educational. I take a deep dive into one of the most controversial topics facing horse industries, horsemen and horse lovers, in the United States.

The series is deliberately “non gory”, and examines the issue from both sides, while also exploring horse sports, the different horse cultures and horse history, to provide appropriate context.

Here are the three videos:

Introduction, current state of horse slaughter, horse’s role in history, horse cultures, horse racing, rodeo, equestrian / pleasure

Work horse, breeding, Wild horses. Horse slaughter history, horse slaughter arguments

How the horse slaughter system works, case studies, horse slaughter and Washington DC, next steps

I am psyched to get these videos launched; if you like them, please share them.

These videos are permanently available at