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A kill buyer buys horses to ship to a slaughter house or feedlot. Essentially they buy horses, aggregate the horses in their own kill pen or feedlot, and then ship them directly to a horse slaughter house or to a feedlot associated with a slaughter house. Kill buyers have contracts with the slaughter houses that they need to satisfy.

A Kill buyer may also be a horse trader, so not all horses bought by a kill buyer may go to kill. The more servicable horses may be resold, especially if the kill buyer has purchased more horses than is needed for the contract with the slaughter house.

Kill buyers typically acquire horses at the major kill auctions horse auctions. They also work with horse dealers who acquire horses from smaller auctions, racetracks and other places where horses are easily acquired.

A horse dealer may be a kill buyer and a kill buyer may be a horse dealer.

Some kill buyers will work with horse rescues. This can happen at kill auctions where a kill buyer will resell a horse for a mark up, typically either $50 or $100.

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Known Kill Buyers

Also review this Killer Buyer List

Neil Dilon- VA (New Holland- Eylers- mt.Airy- Moorefield- Smith Grove)

Jack Hannah- MN

Mike O'Connal SD

Terry Saulters-Texas

Trent Ward-Texas (Auctioneer at many auctions including Sunnyvale on Lawson Rd, every Thursday, Canton every first Monday, Cleburne every Wednesday)

Blake Thompson-Texas

Mike McBarron-Texas (Auctioneer is partnered with Trent)

Bill Richardson-Texas

IW Ward-Texas

Leroy Baker-OH

Jeron Gold-MI

Fred Bauer-Oh

Landfair Brothers-OH

Ron Andio-OH

Josh McKay-WV

Don Nickerson-NY Buys at New Holland Ships to Canada

Arlow Kiehl-NY

Charlie Carter-CO

Joe Simon-MN

Randy Musick-SD

Dennis Chavez-NM Ships to Mexico

Monte Clark

Dale Haley-IN

Jeff Smith-KS

Randy Smith-KS

Jason and Buck Ryan-KY

Jodie Ramey-KY

Anton Wald-LA

Richard Godbout-MN

Terry Lee Brooke-MO

Ole Olson-NV, WA , OR Ships to Mexico


Jack Paluso-OR Ships to Canada

Jack Reinert-SD

Dennis Smebakken-SD

Dave Harriman-WA

Chuck Walker-WA Owns Feedlot in WA that ships to Florence Packing Feedlot in WA that ships to Bouvry Canada.

Ted Kerst-WA

Les and Jack Ryan-WA

Ron Moriarity - WA (Auctioneer and owner of the Enumclaw Sales Pavilion) Ships to Canada

George Baker-OK

Monzerat Munoz-TX

Manny Phelps-CA

Ryon Simon-MN

Danny Rice-KY

Don Wright-KY

Wade Giles-CA



David Misner-CA (Los Angeles area)

Ray Barrett (Barry)-CA (Stockton - Turlock area)

Vern Ring-NJ (phone # is 609 992 6740)

Brian Moore-PA


PAT HOUDE is a Kill Buyer in Manitoba

Grof (Jeff Grof is a kill buyer based out of Lindsay Ontario)

Barkey (Dan Barkey used to run the Claremont Horse Auction - it is now run by Bill Simmons - next auction July 24)

Calvin Kuepfer (kill buyer and auctioneer - was conducting the horse auction at Millbank and has been seen at OLEX and Claremont auctions).

The name Dan Albrecht comes up too - which is very interesting, in that the Albrecht name is known in Pincher Creek - where a large slaughter bound horse feed lot exists in Alberta.

"JP Soucy" - Based out of Quebec. Well hidden, but equally well known Kill buyer, frequents OLEX, Waterloo, Selby, Galletta livestock auctions. Commonly seen at auction, rarely bidding as much of his business is done through the hands of Jeff Grof, and Dan Albrecht. No known contact information.