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Is Ranking First on Google All That Matters?

Google Search: What Are Rich Snippets and Why Should I Care?

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Learning HTML

Key Points:

History, from Wikipedia: Alta Vista to Wikipedia: Google.

Google Algorithms:

  1. Key innovation: Wikipedia: PageRank
  2. Penguin
  3. Hummingbird

The Return of the PageRank
Infographic: The Biggest Changes To Google Search In 2013

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Watch: Learn SEO from Rand Fishkin CEO of Moz SEOmoz
Old Class Experiment: Snruterxela

  1. Two broad areas of importance for SEO
  2. Great content, design, and structure
    • Good structure to allow the site to be crawled
    • Fresh content
  3. Keyword Research
    • How do your customers search for you, your product
    • Other keyword phrases important to your customers, related to your product (branding content)
    • What are the “Long Tail” keywords you can optimize?
    • Test search’s autocomplete with brand / product (machine learning)
    • Adwords Tool
    • Google Trends (Search Trends Help)
  4. Keyword Placement
    • URL
    • Title tag, each page should be unique.
    • Meta tags (keyword and description) each page should be unique. Keyword tag helps with discovery; the description tag can impact the likelihood of someone clicking on the link.
    • Header tags
    • Body copy
    • Anchor text
    • Descriptions for image and video content, with “alt” attribute
    • Blog entries for specific keyword phrases
    • Social media content for specific keywords
  5. Inbound links
    • Importance of site reputation: Wikipedia: Pagerank
    • Anchor text on inbound links
    • use of rel=”nofollow” for outbound content
  6. Content Marketing impacts SEO (Impact of Hummingbird Algorithm)
  7. Search is migrating mobile
  8. White hat versus Black hat tactics

    Black Hat techniques

  9. Benchmark re: your competition
  10. Google Analytics to investigate performance

More keyword stuffing, you can add keywords here, and they only appear in the source, not in the page the user sees. Why ? Because the font color matches the background color. Black hat

Search Engine Marketing

About 30% of clicks go to paid ads

From Wikipedia: Overture to Google (Wikipedia: Google Adwords).

Google ad revenue, 2011: $37.9 billion, 2012, $50.2 billion, 2013, 57.8 billion

Russia: Yandex Forecasts Sales Growth on Targeted Online Advertising

Just for clicks: the Google ad model

A combination of the bid for the keyword AND the likelihood of a click-through; the value the offer presents to google.

Why are search engine advertisements more useful than similar
advertisements on social networks ?

Search ad revenue growing with mobile, at about $4.5bn for 2012.