Slides: Mobile Adoption

It requires marketers to support a wide range of mobile tactics, including mobile websites, mobile applications, mobile email, SMS, push notifications, mobile advertising, mobile search and more. In other words, we are well past the days where it is acceptable for marketers to simply have a side project called mobile marketing. Instead, marketers should resolve to do away with regulating their “mobile marketing” initiatives to silos and instead embrace mobility in its entirety.



  • 1: mobile app
  • 2: unbundling apps (Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn etc)
  • 3: geo data

Major Players

  • Apple
  • Google (Operating system: Android)
  • Samsung (OEM)
  • Microsoft
  • BlackBerry

Design considerations

  • Smaller screens
  • Responsive design
  • Search SEO
  • Increased ubiquity
  • Apps versus Mobile web

App Stores

Marketing Innovations

Mobile Strategy:

  • Mobile first consumers
  • Responsive design, or Responsive design + app
  • Native app environment versus web (infinite)
  • million+ apps, but only small number on a users’ screen (finite)
  • apps target hard core brand ambassadors
  • Types of apps:
    • Gaming
    • News
    • Social Media
    • Sports
    • Events / Conferences
    • Starbucks (habit forming apps)
  • App Strategy
    • own app (habit forming for target audience?)
    • increase content marketing in social apps (buzzfeed model)
    • paid media across other apps

Mobile first

  • Geography: Africa
  • Generation: Millennials
  • Apps