Engagement Marketing

Class Slides: Engagement Marketing

Free Marketing Framework

These class notes refer to this paper, which I first wrote in 2006, and then updated in 2009: Engagement Marketing Revisited: How to Embrace the New Social Media Tools

  1. Summary of Engagement Marketing
    • Three concentric circles: based on importance to customer (mindshare), and content generated: if not dollars spent
    • Inner circle: shrinking. More fragmented, more targeted. Consumers more distracted
    • Outer circle: expanding with consumers’ increasing use of social media (Free Marketing) Proliferation of communication nodes that are strengthening. Authentic. Earned Media. Increased ubiquity with mobile

    • Middle circle: expanding with businesses increasing investment in social media channels. Content Marketing. Transparent. Owned Media.
  2. Free Marketing – What is it?
    • Free: Freedom of Speech
    • Free: Price
    • Earned media — content from peers, those in your networks
    • Earned media — sites like Yelp, Amazon
    • Feedback is immediate and public
    • Accessible to customers and businesses (market research) alike
    • Less control: Three Long-Held Concepts Every Marketer Should Rethink:
      • Branding (more brand content from customers)
      • Loyalty (more information available to make informed decisions)
      • Positioning
  3. Media Dollars
    • Less to traditional media
    • More to digital media
    • AND: Owned and Earned media (Free Marketing)
  4. Stimulate Free Marketing
    • Content Marketing Strategy (for engagement, not just consumption)
    • Versus traditional interruption model
    • Consumers more distratced (second screen), content marketing trumps interruptions
    • Tighten and expand relationship with the brand, not direct selling
    • Great product — stimulate positive word of mouth
  5. Evolution of the Communications Model
    • Command and Control
    • Co-ownership of brand with consumers
  6. Choices
    • To engage
    • To stimulate free marketing
      • Content Marketing Program
      • Stimulate User-Generated Content
    • Listen
    • Ignore (outer circle remains, regardless)