Barbaro Updates: 238 – 245

Barbaro, with Messaging, at Fair Hill Training Center

Update 245: Kathy Anderson just visited (I called her as she was leaving at 5 pm). While Barbaro appeared a little irritated (I guess as one would from time-to-time when stall bound as Bobby is) he managed to devour a bag of fresh grass Kathy fed him. Kathy also noted that they changed the cast on his left hind and apparently all looked as it should. All his vital signs were good. He remains comfortable.

Michael Matz won the Virginia Oaks with Aunt Henny!

Update 244: Trying to catch up on much of the recent media coverage. Mike Schuh e-mailed us this video clip he reported on for WJZ 13 Eyewitness News yesterday (July 14). Barbaro Shows Improvement Day After Outlook Was Grave. (Its cool to have media contact you!) Its a nice piece I think (I am sure it was also commented on below). It includes footage of Bobby’s use of his sling, it highlights the gifts that have been sent to NBC and also includes a short interview with Michael Matz. Well worth viewing!

Update 243: The following is a comment posted by Jen as a result of our afternoon activities (it was actually pretty cool watching a horse use an aqua treadmill)!

alex and I went to a very interesting open house this afternoon for Fair Hill Equine Therapy at Bruce Jackson’s new barn (rebuilt since devestating fire late last year). We had the opportunity to chat with Chuck, one of the Fair Hill vets who works with Kathy Anderson. He was great about letting us pick his brain to better understand some of the issues related to Barbaro’s condition. I wanted to share some of what I personally learned…most of all, in regards to the sling. I naively thought that whilst in the sling the horse was literally suspended and totally non-weight bearing. Not the case. In fact, he’s still actually full-weight bearing in the sling. What it does is provides support so that should he want to lean on it (in whatever direction), he can rest himself off of whichever leg he wants. So, it still gives him a fair bit of control over his situation. Even so, it was a learning process for him to become comfortable with the concept (understandable!). But it seems as though he’s come to appreciate it’s benefits. Also, regarding the sling, as you can see from the photos it’s positioned right in front of the stall door and that is because it’s a part of the lift system that transports the horse from post-operative recovery back to the stall. Makes sense. Another bit I found interesting was that Barbaro has apparently been on Aspirin and Plavix (anti-platelet aggregation…ie. makes blood less likely to clot) since his injury as part of the effort to prevent laminitis (general risks of immobility)and he will continue on these medications to try to fascilitate blood flow to where it is so very needed for healing. Last bit,also related to laminitis prevention, initially, they fed Bobby on the ground to encourage weight bearing on the front legs. Now, they’re feeding him more upright to try to provide protection for the front legs as they don’t want him to favor them too much at this point. OK, that’s it. I know I for one have absolute faith that our boy is in the very most capable hands and I thought it was cool to hear more about the details.

Update 242: Just spoke to Peter Brette. While he is unable to visit today (still in the barn) he noted that D.D (Michael’s wife) visited earlier today and said Bobby remains comfortable (she visited about noon). No doubt Michael will visit later today, I think he had runners at Delaware Park. Kathy Anderson is also visiting today (likely as I type) so I will try to catch up with her in a little while.

Update 241: We have received a couple of calls about tonights vigil (CBS radio, New Bolton Center). The main questions were where and when ?

Where: whereever you are. If you can congregate with others in your area, great. If not, great! I am sure there will be a few congregating outside the main entrance of New Bolton (I may do the same).

When: 7 pm east coast time.

Update 240: New Bolton Center press release: Barbaro continues to be stable confirms what we learned from Michael this morning:

Chief of Surgery Dean Richardson reports today that Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro had a very good night and remains in stable condition at the George D. Widener Hospital. “His heart rate and pulse are normal, and his appetite is good,” said Dr. Richardson. “He continues to respond well, looks good and has a positive attitude.”

Barbaro is being treated at the hospital for fractures received at the Preakness on May 20 as well as laminitis in his left hind foot. “We continue to monitor him very closely, and we are keeping him as comfortable as possible,” said Dr. Richardson.

Jeannine Edwards (ESPN) left the following comment:

ESPN’s coverage will continue throughout the weekend. I will actually be at Delaware Park today (Sat) and tomorrow for our Delaware Handicap telecast on Sun, but another reporter is coming for the Barbaro watch. If the situation warrants, I’ll be back at New Bolton on Mon. Let’s hope for a positive update again today. Good luck with the vigil this evening… I’ll be there in spirit.

Note, Jeannine left the comment before the positive update this morning! She further explained to me that ESPN will likely have coverage throughout the day, and Sports Center this evening. There will also be a piece on the Delaware Handicap broadcast tomorrow from Delaware Park (5pm ESPN2). Many have commented on the quality of ESPNs coverage (of course I agree). I think the fact that Jeannine was a racehorse trainer and exercise rider for many years helps with her objective coverage.

We had a visitor today, at Fair Hill. Jean, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Fair Hill, and NBC. I enjoyed the Maccaroons, and will wait a little while to enjoy the Sam Adams!

Update 239: Just spoke to Michael Matz and Barbaro had another comfortable night last night (friday night). Dean Richardson called Michael. Michael said he was up and down 2 – 3 times, again showing that he is OK using himself to move around. All vital signs are normal.

I also saw Kathy Anderson, who saw Bobby around 4pm yesterday (she tried to call me last night but apparently my phone was on the blink). She also said that when she saw him he looked the same (as her positive report yesterday). She also noted the pulse in his front feet was normal. She saw 35 baskets of goodies being delivered as she was leaving!
updated 7:15 am, saturday morning

Update 238: Added an update to the Fan Media page that links to Barbaro Livingston’s work and Anna’s lovely pastel.

A nice article in the Philly Inquirer: Barbaro said to be in good spirits, stable condition that notes the fan outpouring of late (lots of people here contributing no doubt) and Edgar’s visit yesterday, excerpt:

The day’s upbeat report was accompanied by an outpouring of sentiment from Barbaro’s fan base. Numerous floral arrangements – one of roses in the shape of a horseshoe – and carrots and apples seemed to arrive at New Bolton on Friday by the minute. A woman brought in a single orchid and wondered about the latest news. Barbaro’s trainer, Michael Matz, put a number of arrangements in the back of his car after an early evening visit.

Earlier in the day, Barbaro received a visit from another old friend. Barbaro’s jockey, Edgar Prado, stopped by to see the horse early Friday morning before riding at Belmont Park later in the day. He left New York at 4:30 a.m., got down to the Kennett Square facility, then drove back to Long Island with his wife, who had visited the day before.

“He looked much better than I thought he would,” Prado told a New York Post reporter at Belmont Park. “He is very smart, and he knew me right away. I fed him, walked with him, and he put his head on my shoulder and fell asleep.”

Ed, thanks for getting the Prado interview!