Barbaro Updates: 221 – 226

Barbaro, with Messaging, at Fair Hill Training Center

Update 226: Barbaro had a comfortable night last night (Thursday pm). He slept about 4-5 hours which is a clear signal of his comfort level. He was out of the sling for most of the night. I spoke to Michael Matz to get this news this morning (he had heard from Dr. Richardson). It was obvious in Michael’s expression that he was relieved to be able to provide this news.
Updated Friday 7:10am

Update 225: Must see: Web Extra: Latest Barbaro Video. It illustrates Bobby’s use of the sling, his mobility and to be honest, the sharpness about the look he retains. He appears inquisitive (I noticed a quick “ears pricking” moment), and obviously loves the carrots.

Jeannine Edwards left this comment regarding ESPNs coverage:

Thank you for the kind words. Just want to let you know, in case you noticed and were wondering why Barbaro’s tail looked so short in the ESPN footage from today (shot at 5pm by New Bolton staff) they had a rope around his tail when he was recovering from anesthesia Sat night (standard procedure) but it was a rough go, and most of his tail hairs were pulled out. As if the poor horse doesn’t have enough to deal with! I thought he walked well, and New Bolton clearly shot the footage to avoid speculation that Barbaro may be suffering. His eyes seemed a bit dull and tired to me, but keep in mind he’s on massive amounts of meds and was also sedated earlier in the day so they could work on his foot. He’s been through hell… I think he looked good considering. I was happy to see him putting good weight on the left hind foot. He’s a trooper. Very sad situation, but we must all hope for a miracle. We’ll have more updates tomorrow from New Bolton.

Update 224: Barbara Livingston, whose Barbaro photographs (and all racing photos) are fantastic, just left the following comment and offer:

We are all so grateful for your updates and information. I start and end my days visiting your site nowadays – wishing all good things for the remarkable Barbaro.

I first became smitten with Barbaro last year, as his name is so similar to my own. When I finally saw him Derby week, I was thunderstruck. He was SO professional, relaxed, stunning – just right. To say he had ‘the look’ seems understatement. He is truly a once in a lifetime horse.

I told everyone who would listen before the Derby that Barbaro was like a different species from other horses – he could not lose the Derby.

And now we simply root for him to live.

I’ve had so many requests for photos that I added more to my site, as well as a couple of wallpaper patterns and two downloadable 8×10″s.

If any Barbaro fans would like to download them and print them for their own use, feel free. Please do not sell them, or make them into artwork, etc.

Depending on response, I’d be happy to add others. The address is

Again, we are so grateful for all that you are doing, Alex…as well as indescribably grateful to the Jacksons, Dr. Richardson, and everyone connected with Barbaro.

Take good care.

Barbara Livingston

Thanks Barbaro for your kind offer of your great work.

Update 223: Just spoke to Kathy Anderson (Barbaro’s Fair Hill vet) who visited Bobby this afternoon (she was just leaving at 6 pm when I spoke to her). She said he remains comfortable, as comfortable as he was when she visited yesterday. She noted the many gifts that had been arriving for Bobby all day (I am guessing many of them are from people commenting on this site). Kathy fed some carrots to Bobby, part of a very elaborate gift sent by Margaret from Beaufort, SC. The nursing staff were also feeding him cut grass and corn husks (chopped up for him).

Update 222: New Bolton has released a copy of the transcript for today’s press conference.

Update 221: OK, just returned from the Press Conference. I waited to watch Jeannine Edwards do her ESPN 2 broadcast. You can see the conference at CBS3. A couple of links to reports: Barbaro has life-threatening inflammation in hind foot and Doctors Say Barbaro Has Catastrophic Injury. And here is Laminitis in Wikipedia. A few observations of my own:

Dr. Dean Richardson is a class act. I was thoroughly impressed with his forthright discussion on Bobby’s condition. He was clearly open, understanding of the media, and obviously upset with current circumstances. He and his team have worked incredibly hard, and this must be very tough for all of them at an emotional level.

Bobby is now a long shot to recover, but while there are still chances of recovery, and he is comfortable, they will keep trying. No one is yet giving up.

2 weeks ago Dr. Richardson really thought Bobby was going to make it.

Bobby now has a foot cast on the left hind, he also uses a sling from time to time. This sling is designed to help Bobby, it still allows him free movement.

The laminitis is catastrophic, and the onset of laminitis was very rapid.

Bobby looks good, he is eating well. He has a strong constitution.

The media asked good questions and were very respective of the situation (I was impressed).