Horse Slaughter: kill buyer list


Sugarcreek Auction, August 2014

List of known active kill buyers in the United States. Updated February 7, 2015 Feedback from the list on Facebook.

Other lists include:
Mary Nash’s Horse Meat Website: Known Killer Buyers
Buckit List: List of Known Kill Buyers in the U.S. and Canada *** UPDATED ***

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Brian Moore, PA (New Holland) – LPN: The Shipping Details of Brian Moore, Horse Kill Buyer
Bruce Rotz, PA (New Holland) – Masseauville (Bouvry): Thirty horses on way to slaughter die in New York trailer fire
Arlow kiehl, NY*: Arlow Kiehl Slaughter Horse Collecting Station, Watertown, NY 1/17/14
Leroy Baker, OH (Sugarcreek, Owner) – LPN: Sugarcreek auction fined $162,800 for equine violations
Fred Bauer, OH (Sugarcreek) – Massueauville (Bouvry): Ohio sends horses to Canada for slaughter
Jeron Gold, MI (Shipshewana, IN): Dirty little secret: Canada’s slaughter industry under fire

Joe Simon (MN & ok): Wild Horses Sold to ‘Kill Buyer’ by BLM Contractor
Ryan Simon, MN
Keith Tongen, MN: Arrest warrants issued for owner, truck driver of horses in trailer crash
Scott kurtenbach, IA: Animals Angels: Kurtenbach Horse Collecting Facility, Lawler, IA – August 9, 2012
Mike O’Connell, SD: Animals Angels: Mike O’Connell Horse Collecting Station, Mobridge, SD August 11-13, 2012
Randy Musick, SD: Wild Horses sold to Kill Buyer by BLM Contractor
Jeff & Randy Smith, kS: Animals Angels: Smith Horse Company, Inman, KS 7/16/12
Dennis Chin, kS
Jason Fabrizius, CO: Animals Angels: Fabrizius Slaughter Horse Collecting Station, Eaton, CO 4/26/14
Charlie Carter, CO: More horses sent abroad for slaughter, after ban
Dennis kuntz, UT: 2 Utahns indicted for alleged role in horse slaughter operation
Max Palmer, ID: Animals Angels: Max Palmer Slaughter Horse Collecting Station, Sugar City, ID 10/27/12
Mike Bott, ID: Idaho Livestock Sales Yards Rise, Fall with Times
Ole Olsen, NV: Kill Buyer Ole Olson trucks 224 stallions to Dennis Chavez, likely into the slaughter pipeline
Zena Quillan, NV (Fallon “Feedlot”) to Bouvry
Chuck Walker, WA: Yakama land can’t sustain growing wild horse population
Donny knowlen, WA Sunnyside Collecting Station.
Jack Paluso, OR

Don Gatz, CA*: Animals Angels: The Case of Don Gatz, Patterson, CA 12/01/14
David Misner, CA*: Animals Angels: Misner & Sons Rodeo Company and the shipment of California horses to slaughter in Mexico
Billy Brown, Jr*: Second Arrest Made in Horse Theft

Dennis Chavez, NM**: State boarded abused horses with man accused of animal cruelty

John Birdsong, GA: AAnimals Angels: Kill buyer John Birdsong, Carrollton, GA 1/23/14
David Merrell, TN: Animals Angels: Shaw Hollow Farms & David Merrell, Tellico Plains, TN 4/12/13
Dorian Ayache, TN: Slaughter-horse hauler enters plea
Randy Ray, kY: Investigation of Kentucky Slaughter Buyers and Horse Auctions June/July 2011 (and Tim Ryan ?)
David Shaw, kY: Animals Angels: David Shaw Slaughter Horse Collecting Station, Scottsville, KY 6/26/11-6/27/11
Jodie Ramey, kY: Animals Angels: Ramey Farms, Hillsboro, KY 7/16/13
Larry Browning, kY (still active ?): Animal control officer: Pendleton County drops 14 animal abuse charges against Butler, Ky. man

Jeff Hayes, IN: Animals Angels: Premises of Jeff W Hayes, Dupont, IN 7/14/13
Charlie Harris, IN: Animals Angels: Charlie Harris Collecting Station, Columbus, IN 7/13/13
Dale Haley, IN: Animals Angels: Collecting Station of Dale Haley, Rushville, IN 7/12/13

Cecil White, Ok: Animals Angels: Cecil White Collecting Station, Welsh, OK 7/3/13
John Carlson, Ok: Animals Angels: Triple Crown Ranch, Meeker, OK 7/4/13
George Baker, Ok: Animals Angels: Baker Feedlot in Stroud, OK and Trailing to Presidio, 8/09/2013
Joe Simon, Ok (and MN)
John Sanders, Ok: Investigation of Mexican Horse Slaughter Plants approved for export to the European Union
Anton Wald, LA: USDA report

Gary Morris, TX: Animals Angels: Gary Morris Horse Collecting Station, Muleshoe, TX 3/9/12
Jose Rios, TX (export pens): Animals Angels: Jose Rios Collecting Station in El Paso, TX 9/23/12
Raul Benevides, TX (export pens): Investigation of the TDA Export Pens and the Chula Vista Slaughter Horse Collecting Station in Eagle Pass, TX
Ruben Brito, TX: Animals Angels: The Ruben Brito Export Pens, Presidio, TX 3/6/12 – 3/8/12

Stanley Bros, TX and AR: Animals Angels: Eagle Pass Export Pens, TX 7/11/14
Terry (son of Trent) Saulter, TX: Animals Angels: Terry Saulters Slaughter Horse Collecting Station, Waco, TX 7/12/14
Trent Ward, TX: Animals Angels: Trent Ward Slaughter Horse Collecting Station, Kaufman, TX 7/13/14
Mike McBarron, TX ***: Animals Angels Report: Mike McBarron Slaughter Horse Collecting Station, Forney, TX 7/13/14 Facebook Page
McDaniel and Son, TX: Animals Angels: Animals’ Angels Investigation of the Slaughter Horse Export from Presidio, TX to Mexico September 2012
Larry Anderton, TX: Investigation of the TDA Export Pens and the Chula Vista Slaughter Horse Collecting Station in Eagle Pass, TX
Jimmy Fowler, TX: Animals Angels: The Export of American Horses to Mexico for Slaughter August – November 2013
Michael O’Dwyer, TX: Horses die in two-vehicle wreck Sunday and Horses set for slaughter, die in accident at Paisano Pass