Missionville update: 195 sold, 20 5 star reviews

After six weeks since publication, I wanted to provide a quick update on how Missionville is doing.

All sales are through Amazon, whether it’s for the paperback or kindle version.

In total, 195 copies of Missionville have been sold, three quarters of those sales are for the paperback.

The majority of sales have come through amazon.com (the US market), but a few have come from .co.uk (where I now live) and .ca (Canada, where I worked at Woodbine for two years).

So far, the book has received twenty 5 star reviews. Thirteen of these reviews are on the .com site, four are on the .co.uk site, and three are on the .ca site.

Oddly, Amazon removed one 5 star review, for reasons I am not sure. Unfortunately I don’t know the source of the review.

I am now starting to think about tactics to try to make the most of the holiday buying season. This includes possible Facebook ads, as well as a post card campaign.

For a glance at the book, here is an excerpt: Missionville, Chapter 4