American Pharoah completes final Belmont workout: Triple Crown challenge next

American Pharoah completed his final breeze on Monday morning at Churchill Downs, ahead of his attempt to win the Triple Crown this Saturday at Belmont Park.

How good was the work? Mike Welsch of the Daily Racing Form, who scrutinizes works for the big races, and is not afraid to call it what it is, headlined his tweet: “American Pharoah… WOW!! His quick report included,

“Hard to find any better description for AMERICAN PHAROAH’s performance this morning.”

The further American Pharoah went, the more Welsch was impressed.

Here is the workout, on YouTube:

Can American Pharoah become the twelfth horse to win the Triple Crown, the first horse to win the series since Affirmed in 1978? Thirteen horses have won the first two legs of the series, only to falter at the final leg, since Affirmed defeated Alydar. Certainly, this horse seems in a different class to his peers at this stage of their careers, but he also appears to be much more than that.

One thought on “American Pharoah completes final Belmont workout: Triple Crown challenge next”

  1. I want to say, as far as race horses go? American Pharoah is beyond exceptional. By this time, we know he won the crown. Now, can racing end? I hope so. It will have to be weened though. I used to walk Affirmed. My ex saddled him when he won the Belmont & the crown. Glory days. Then I moved to Roswell, NM with my boys to be by my parents. Lo & Behold! A KY Derby winner from Roswell! Yep, became friends with Doc Blach but after a year or so, his true colors came out. A KY Derby winning owner, a vet, a PRO slaughter advocate who testified in court, while under the influence. Movie about Mine That Bird, more $$$$. parading him around on hot streets (foreign to him). STOP racing! Stop glorifying jockeys who whip the shizzit out of their horses. Oh, I could go on 4ever

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