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Welcome to My WIKI Page!


I am happily Divorced for Many years. I am unable to work at the moment because of health/medical issues.. I have been a moderator for Alex Brown Racing for over a 2 yrs now and is a "job" I enjoy doing and helping the community grow and thrive.

I live in West Central Ohio. I grew up on a farm, and had a favorite Uncle who owned and raised TB's and QH's. He was the one that gave me my horse fever. I learned to ride from him and did a lot of exercising his horses to prepare them for racing. I once dreamed of being a jockey but soon I grew too tall to be one. I had my own horse when I was a teenager. Sadly my Uncle died when I was in my 20's and all of his horses were auctioned off to pay off debt. I still follow some of his last breeding stock progeny. I have been searching for 4 of his horses to see if they are okay, I have seen their progeny listed but tracing back and finding them has been a lot of dead ends. So I relish in finding their "children".

My greatest love is for the Thoroughbred horse. All you need to do is look one in the eye, watch them run, feel their spirit, their passion for running. I have many fond memories of going to the smaller race tracks in Ohio and watching these horses run, the smells, the sounds, the crackle of excitement in the air. The sound of them thundering down the track, the jockeys yelling and talking to their mounts. Many many dreams set forth those early years, many that will always remain as a dream. I always dreamed of owning a Thoroughbred horse, of visiting the large race tracks, of visiting the large farms in Kentucky to see where the roots of the noble TB came forth from.
I now live those dreams throughthe many postings now on the forum. Those that are there at the tracks and giving first hand reports, those like Alex that report on his daily rides on the horses at Fair Hills. At times you can close your eyes and see what they are writing. I thank those that do that for helping fuel the dreams of many like I, who can not be there but dream the impossible dream. I always tell everyone, that in my next life, those dreams of today, will become the reality of the next life. If I could have one last dream fulfilled, ahh it would be awesome but I live in reality not lost dreams.

My Pet Family

Left, Maggie, GRetriver/Lab Mix (resuce) Middle Picture Caden my Overgrown Sheltie, Right is Maggie with Mojo (love of her life!)

These 2 are my daughter's dogs, on the left is MoJo(boxer mix), on the right is Rusty, lab/rottie/boxer mix, I dogsit these cutties when she goes to work. They are both Rescue dogs

Horse Experience

From when I was 10 till I was 21, I lived horses through my Uncle. He raised/trained and raced TB's, then QH's. When he retired from racing he went on to become a foaling manager for a well known farm but still maintained his small breeding stock of horses. My Uncle taught me to ride and I would exercise many of his horses in training.

I had my own horse when I was a teenager, love of my life she was... she was a qh/arab mix and just was the brightest chestnut with white mane, If you know of Horse feathers equine rescue and see pictures of Daisy, she is the spitting image of my horse.. My father sold the farm and my horse went to stay at my Uncle's farm. Sadly she got spooked one day, jumped the fence and was hit by a semi. I have not owned a horse since then. When my Fav Uncle died, my dreams of owning and being around horses died that day, as my parents did not understand my passion for horses. I once dreamed of being a race horse owner/trainer like my Uncle.

I never stopped loving or wanting a horse again, and live my dreams now through the horses I help save on the forum. Recently I got to visit MHR and that was the best experience I have had since I lost my horse.. Just to be hands on a horse again was a blessing... and stirred up those "I WANT" again.

I use to help out at a local horse riding place for underprivlege children but when my medical issues came up, I had to put that on the back burner, I hope to return to that soon, and to help out with my local horse rescue.

FOB activities

My YouTube Video Page: Youtube Videos

Some of rescues I have helped/support and other causes (many Behind the scene!)

Miracle Horse Rescue In NV

West Winds Stables Equine Rescue and Rehab My Local Rescue

Missouri Horse Heroes of Longmeadow Rescue Ranch

Watching and Completed Rescues from the forum

Watch Section for Rescue Efforts on the Forum.

IF you make changes/additions on this page to help me, please follow my layout

Numbers for Horses Saved and Money

Month Total Horses Total Horses Saved 2009 Total Funds
Total Funds
Total Horses
Saved to Date*
Total Funds to Date
Jan 2010 45 45 $17,775 $17,775 3395 $1,306.693
Feb 2010 38 83 $12,350 $30,125 3433 $1,319,043
March 2010 56 139 $24,500 $54,625 3489 $1,343,543

  • Fund Amounts are mostly drawn from information from the rescue effort on costs to save the horses/transport,coggins, etc. that is posted on the rescue thread or reported to me if it is a off forum FOB rescue, some rescue attempts confirm monies beyond the amount. So because of that the $$ part is not 100% accurate, the Total Horses is a accurate number.***
  • To Date is from 10/06 when Rescuing began on the ABR forum Thank you!