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Fair Hill Training Center is located in the north east corner of Maryland (Mapquest). There are two entrances, the main entrance is from 213, and is the entrance that should be used when visiting Tim Woolley.


Fair Hill has a one mile dirt track and a seven eighths of a mile Tapeta track (synthetic surface). The Tapeta track replaced a wood chip track, which was the original training track at Fair Hill. Fair Hill trainers also have access to 3,000 acres of grassland. Each barn comes with paddocks and there is plenty of space for grazing.


Parlo 1: Tim Woolley; Jose Sam; Michael Matz

Parlo 2 and 3: Michael Matz

Parlo 4: Steve Klesaris

Parlo 5: Edwin Merryman, Liz Merryman

Parlo 6: Richard Hendricks, Mark Shuman

Fairy Chant 1: Chuck Lawrence, Doug Fout

Fairy Chant 2: Bill Entenmann, Paul Rowland

Fairy Chant 3 East: Dr. Fisher (founder), Tuck Hunter

Fairy Chant 3 West: Michael Moran, Pat Graham

Perfect Sky 1: Jim McGreevy

Perfect Sky 2: Bernardo Callejas

Perfect Sky 3: Michael McCarthy

Chevation 1: Graham Motion

Chevation 2: Alex Baldwin, Victor Chung / Sherene Bracho, Chuck Martin, Barclay Tagg / Tim Walters, Charles Cuprill

Chevation 4: Bruce Jackson

Chevation 5: Gene Weymouth, Richard Lugovich, Bobby Manchio, Pete Alexander

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Contact Information

719 Training Center Drive

Elkton, MD 21921

ph: 410 398 2992 fax: 410 392 0816


Fair Hill Training Center