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Web Address: [1]


Physical Address: EDWARDSVILLE KS.



Paypal link ( none ) (we feel you should rescue horses because you want and are able to not for profit from donations as so many do .) So before you donate to any rescue please check to see where their donations are really spent . number of horses rescued and place per calander year and how many they have room for and you will be able to help the ones that really need it .

(We are supported through sales from our equine farm )(www.sldavidsonfarms.com)

Media stories: (http://www.bonnersprings.com/news/2007/sep/19/caring_for_horses/) Here is a case where small town in Kansas is putting equine rescues out . The Davidson's are not going to allow this to happen for the sake of all Kansas equine farms and rescues .. (http://www.bonnersprings.com/news/2008/dec/18/horse-owner-starts-mediation-process/)(http://www.bonnersprings.com/news/2009/jun/25/horse-manure-spurs-debate-court-battle/)

OWNERS AND TRAINERS wishing to donate your Ex racing -TB & QH 's to our program . Please call us and let us know when your ottb will be arriving ,what they have been eating and any special information we may need to know .To make there stay with us as comfortable for them as possible . So we may have there stall fresh for them on arrival . They will all be evaluated by our vet , rested and rehabilitated as needed. Then placed with our lesson and equine education programs, where they can start their re-training as needed , so to be able to find the perfect fit of qualified adopters to begin their second career .

                                                                                 Dedicated to providing emergency 

relief, shelter, care, rehabilitation, and adoption services for ex-racers in need .

           Provides  resources through equine 

education, counseling, information and referral services.

Our Goals:

To provide shelter, rehabilitation, care and adoption services for equine entrusted into our care .

Rescue Network

List of other rescues this rescue works with.

None and never will .

Feedback from FOBs

From volunteers who have visited the rescue etc which may include relevant links to the discussion board about the visit.

Questions from FOBs

This this space available for FOBs to ask questions. Answers can then be worked into the above content if appropriate.