Round Mountain, TX

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This auction takes place every first Saturday of the month. It is located in Round Mountain, TX, by the "pink truck stop" on hwy 281. (Address: 10603 N. US 281, Round Mountain, TX) Round Mountain is in between Johnson City and Marble Falls. Horses arrive in the morning and can be viewed up until about 1 pm, while the tack auction is going on, and then the horse sale start. It is usually over by 5 pm. Many kill buyers are always in attendence...

There is no veterinarian on the premises, none of the horses have water or feed. A very sad place...

Round Mountain auction 5/3/08

Texas Auction report 3/1/08

My first visit to a horse auction - was able to save two.

Horse auction in Round Mountain, TX - August 2, 2008

TX Auction report 8/2 (Round Mountain)

Horse auction in Round Mountain, TX - November 3, 2007

Kings Bay Boy & Jim

King & Jim at their new home

Update on King and Jim in Texas

King, TX - almost a YEAR later... Pictures from Oct. 18. 2008