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Price: value that is exchanged.

WhatsApp Used This Pricing Strategy to Win and You Can Too


New Payment Systems

Apple Pay, and its impact on shaping mobile payments in the US

Online first, mobile, and offline solutions

Consequence of new Payment Systems

  • Reduced friction
  • More consumer data for merchant
  • Comparison shopping, couponing, loyalty cards, geo data
  • Complexity for simplicity
  • personalization ubiquity; ties everything together, price, location and promotion
  • Increased privacy issues


  • Change consumer behavior (inertia) Baby steps (Apple)
  • Cost of legacy systems
  • Chicken-and-Egg dilemma
  • Breadth of competition: telcos, banks, credit card services, tech giants, entrepreneurs (Square), retailers, Point of sales systems
  • Innovator (focus and vision) versus incumbent (assets, cash, footprint)
  • Standardization of new systems
  • Adoption in less developed countries