Barbaro Updates: 575 – 646

Barbaro, with Messaging, at Fair Hill Training Center

Posted September 12, 2006

Update 646: Peter Brette just called and he visited Barbaro this afternoon. He said he looked well, seems to be a similar report as we have heard over the last few days.
updated 3:15 pm, wednesday afternoon, september 13

Update 645: I just had a brief conversation with Greg Gilchrist to get an update on Lost in the Fog. It has been six days since his chemotherapy treatment, which I think knocked him back a little (as one can only imagine). Anyway, Greg said he had walked this morning, was having a nice bath as we spoke and would then be taken out for a pick of grass. I did not push for his assessment for how the Fog was doing, I was more interested in his routine. I will call back in about a week to get a further update. It is the first time I have spoken to Greg, he just seems a very decent guy.

Update 644: Today’s Barbaro update will again likely be later this afternoon. I just went by Michael’s barn and spoke to Peter. He said he had not heard anything yet today (which is a good sign I am sure) but he was planning to visit after he was done at the barn this morning.

I fell off today, actually not totally correct, I came off twice … and it was the same horse (who will remain nameless). Oh well, both horse and rider are fine. I had a decent streak going, no spills since before the preakness, so probably a thousand rides since the last fall. In 2005 I went the entire calender year without a fall, then in one month early this spring fell off about five times! Anyway, a fall every now and again is probably good just to remember how to fall.

Update 643: It seems the consensus choice for a name to be used for addressing the Senate on the anti horse-slaughter issue is “Fans of Barbaro” (see update 642). There is much discussion about efforts for this bill on the discussion boards (and thanks prospero for giving us these boards).

Mike’s party was a great success yesterday (thanks to you guys, Kennett Florist, his wonderful family and friends), here is pinkwellies’ version: Mike’s Birthday surprise!.

The second day of the Keeneland sales continued the first day trend, high prices and the Sheikh Mohammed team out bidding Coolemore for the very best (or at least the most expensive): Thoroughbred Times: Sheikh Mohammed, Kingmambo colt pace record day, Keeneland September Pace Remains Hot; Record Price for Yearling Established and Sheikh buys $11.7M colt.

Again, today’s update on Barbaro will be delayed, due to Michael being in Keeneland.

Update 642: Peter Brette did visit Barbaro, after a few races today at Delaware Park. He again noted Barbaro looked well and everyone seems happy with his current progress.

Rachel from Kennett Florist left this comment (update 72: timestamp: 8:36 pm)

Hay Gang…. I will get to Mike’s party momentarily (lots to share)… but first and because it is the primary reason we are all here… Horses!

Mrs Jackson called Alie as we were walking in the door from MD. She is asking for your help. There has been a lot of talk about the Anti-Horse slaughter Bill. According to Mrs J it is going to go to senate soon. We need to put pressure on the senators to bypass the groups and go straight to the floor. She will send us a list of Senators by state and name and we will pas that info along (I know you all have that, but this is what Mrs J is passing along to us). She is heading back down to Washington at the end of the week. We will continue to share what ever information she wishes us to pass along.

We know there has been discussion on how to “call” ourselves, since Barbaromaniacs is a little on the non-senatorial side of things. There have been lots of ideas passed around, but Mrs Jackson requested we use Fans of Barbaro or Barbaro Fans. That way there is an official GROUP who are working toward the good of all horses. (You will always be Barbaromaniacs in my heart – as I am one as well!!)

Please, this is going to happen and soon. Mrs Jackson stressed the point we need to concentrate on is getting this straight to the floor and bypassing all the groups and committees. We can do this!!


Rachel at Kennett Florist

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Barbaro Updates: 72
Posted September 11, 2006

updates are now here.

Update 641: Here is today’s release from New Bolton Center: Barbaro improving slowly and steadily

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro is improving slowly and steadily according to veterinarians at Penn’s George D. Widener Hospital . “We are pleased with his progress,” said Dr. Dean Richardson, Chief of Surgery. “He is wearing the cast on his right hind limb well; we continue to monitor it closely, and we expect to change the cast and radiograph the leg within the next seven to 10 days.”

In addition, Barbaro continues to stand comfortably on his laminitic left hind foot. “The left hind foot is progressing well, especially as it grows down from the coronary band,” said Dr. Richardson. “However, we remain cautious, because Barbaro will still need several more months of healing before we’ll know how well the overall hoof structure can be restored.”

Barbaro continues to be hand-grazed daily, and his vital signs and appetite are excellent.

Barbaro remains in the Intensive Care Unit of the University of Pennsylvania’s George D. Widener Hospital, where he is recovering from injuries suffered at the Preakness on May 20.

The next update will be posted on Tuesday, September 19 unless there is a significant change in Barbaro’s condition.

I am still hoping to hear from Peter after he visits. His visit was delayed by a little racing I think. I did manage to go to Mike Rea’s birthday party. He looked great, is all I can say. I was pretty amazed at how well he looked, and he seemed a little overwhelmed by the surprise party. Kudos to his family and to Kennett Florist and to you guys for helping make this day special for Mike! It was cool though, I was introduced to the head nurse (the title may be way wrong), and she has been following this site since the Preakness. She gave Mike a picture of Barbaro for his birthday, very cool.

Update 640: Still no update on Barbaro, but Peter did talk to Michael, and since the topic did not come up Peter is assuming things are status quo. Peter is planning to visit this afternoon so I will call him back later today to get an update.

Happy birthday to Mike Rea, will plan on being at the party: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON-BABY BROTHER-HUSBAND-FATHER.

Update 639: Still waiting for an update on Barbaro. In the meantime I called Barclay Tagg to get an update on Showing Up after his race in the Man o’ War, and to see how Funny Cide was progressing. Barclay said Showing Up came out of his race well. He was not disappointed with his run, he ran well (of course he would have liked to have won)! I did not ask Barclay what the current plan is. Funny Cide did a little easy breeze today (so he is obviously doing well after the Woodward.) Barclay said they were considering the Brooklyn Handicap for Funny Cide, a grade 2 at Belmont, on saturday.

A nice article on Barbaro, everyones fascination with his progress, and this site: Barbaro and the 9-11 Connection, the following is an excerpt:

We all began to breathe more easily after the horse’s long surgery. Baskets of flowers, carrots, cards, and monetary donations deluged the New Bolton Center of the University of Pennsylvania vet school, where Barbaro remains stabled in intensive care. A fund was started in his honor. We rejoiced when he was briefly reunited with the jockey who undoubtedly saved his life, Edgar Prado, and when he was courted by the Governor of Pennsylvania.

Update 638: The initial update on Barbaro will again be delayed (due to Michael being in Keeneland). I hope to get an update by lunchtime today (tuesday). New Bolton is scheduled to release an update today too.

Its a lovely morning this morning at Fair Hill. A little on the crisp side. Thus far I have ridden four horses, all two year olds. One was having his first little work this morning (open gallop a quarter) and another was galloping for the first time since his first little work (open gallop an eighth). Its the time when two year olds are starting to learn their trade. They have done some gate work and now are starting to realize what everything is about. Before coming to Fair Hill many are broken at farms that specialize in educating young race horses. The following article discusses where Barbaro was broken before coming into training: Stephens Thoroughbreds helped shape a Derby win. The following is an excerpt:

John Stephens remembered Barbaro as “always being a very nice horse with a good mind and who did everything easily.” He won’t tell you that he knew the colt was Kentucky Derby bound. “We definitely thought he’d be a very good racehorse,” he said. “But there’s no way you can tell if a horse is going to go on to be a great horse.”

The Stephenses attended the Kentucky Derby, their first such trip, as guests of the Jacksons. They cheered on Barbaro with what Stephens described as “contained excitement” and joined the celebration in the winner’s circle.

“We have been so fortunate to have great clients,” said Stephens, 45. “The Jacksons have been so wonderful to us. They flew into Ocala just before the Florida Derby, came out to the farm to watch their horses gallop, then took us on their plane to Miami for the Florida Derby. That was a great experience, but the Kentucky Derby was an unbelievable experience. I’m still having trouble believing it really happened.”

And now to return to Fair Hill to ride three more (one of whom is not a two year old).

Update 637: Its Mike Rea’s birthday tomorrow, and Kennett Florist have helped organize a party for him thanks to your generosity. Rachel left a comment (timestamp: 8:12 pm):

We are still trying to sort out all the things we are planning for Mike’s Rea’s Birthday! We’re hoping that they have some friends from Fair Hill there tomorrow at 1:00. We’ve ordered the cake and I have 3 different people going in different directions tonight looking for gifts that we’ve decided on, with the help of Nancy, Mike’s sister. The cake is ordered and my hubby is picking up the ice cream and a bulk box of peanut M&M’s. We are looking forward to some lightness after all the other news. I will take pictures tomorrow and hopefully have a way to share them!

With all the other craziness, we had to send the driver to NBC today. All sounded well when I talked to Dr Sweeney today, and we are gearing up for the Town Hall meeting that we are hosting a donut and coffee hour before… that will include the entire facility!! (something that has never been done)


Rachel at Kennett Florist

I saw flyers about the party in the barns at Fair Hill this morning so I am hoping Mike will get a lot of people visiting tomorrow afternoon!

Whose who in racing is in Keeneland for the sales. Michael Matz and the Jackson’s are there. Here are a few reports from the first day: Daily Racing Form: Storm Cat colt brings $8.2 million, Bloodhorse: Son of Storm Cat Hits $8.2 Million at Keeneland and Thoroughbred Times: Keeneland near record-setting pace again after first session. It seems its the usual battle at the very top of the market: Godolphin versus Coolmore.

Update 636: We have uploaded four new pictures. The featured image of Barbaro was taken a week or so before the Preakness, at Fair Hill. There is a photo of Lost in the Fog a week before the Breeders’ Cup last year and a photo of Miraculous Miss on the Paddock at Delaware on saturday before her impressive win. Each of these images was taken by Lydia Williams: I met Lydia at Delaware Park on saturday and introduced myself. I explained I was part of this site and she gladly agreed to send the pictures (and take one of Miraculous Miss for us). The fourth picture is from Wendy, from her visit to Lost in the Fog on saturday.

You can see all the images at the gallery. Scroll your mouse over an image for a brief explanation.

Update 635: Peter visited Barbaro with Eduardo earlier this afternoon. They gave him a good grooming and Peter remarked that he thought Barbaro really does look well. Another pretty upbeat report on his overall condition. Peter assumes Dr. Richardson will be on grazing duty today.
update 3 pm, monday september 11

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Barbaro Updates: 71
Posted September 10, 2006

updates are now here.

Update 634: Another comfortable night for Barbaro last night (sunday night). This update came from Dr. Dean Richardson (who is now back from his seminar), via Michael Matz (Keeneland) to Peter Brette, this morning. Peter is planning to visit later today so will try to catch up with Peter again later.

Miraculous Miss seems to be in good shape after her great effort on saturday. I asked Lil (Klesaris) how she was this morning and she said she was doing well.

Update 633: Today’s update on Barbaro will again be delayed, I don’t anticipate hearing anything until at least lunchtime, since Michael is away at the Keeneland sales.

The Thoroughbred Times has a short article on Miraculous Miss’ win on saturday: Miraculous Miss earns third straight graded stakes win in Endine which oddly does not mention why she had not run since her last win in April.

Bernardini worked for the first time since his facile Travers win: Bernardini Breezes in First Work Since Travers and it appears he is in very good order:

“He went great,” said Tom Albertrani, who trains Bernardini for Darley Stable. “Honestly, this work was as good as ever.

“He came out of the Travers in great condition and, considering today was his first work since the race, he couldn’t be doing any better.”

Update 632: A nice interview by the Bloodhorse with Gretchen Jackson (today at Keeneland): Gretchen Jackson: It’s Still Day to Day, But Barbaro ‘Starting to Blossom’, it includes the following two quotes:

“You’re naturally guarded. But for a not medically-educated person such as me, in the last month since his crisis with laminitis, he seems to have gone so much in the right direction. He seems to use all four legs better to equal his weight, to spread his weight amongst four legs, to stand more. And he has never ceased from eating up a storm. Arms and legs included. He would like to grab your arm or leg or hand. He just is doing it all remarkably well. He’s just phenomenal.


“Yes, it’s day to day. I never have asked Dean (Richardson) when is he going to get out of here. I have never asked him. Maybe Dean doesn’t either. It (Barbaro’s recovery) doesn’t seem to have gone back. We haven’t had a crisis since the laminitis. His coat is shiny. He lost a lot of his tail. Did you know that? (It’s from) balancing him coming out from operations; I don’t know if its hands on him or what. But he lost a lot of his tail. But that’s all coming back. Everything is just starting to blossom, and you want to see light at the end of the tunnel. We haven’t had Dean say there is light is at the end of the tunnel.”

Update 631: Peter visited Barbaro about lunchtime today and all remains well. He received a massage this morning too (Barbaro, not Peter!).
Sue McMullen sent me this e-mail reviewing racing in France today:

The three trials for the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe were held at Longchamp today. The Prix Foy was won by Shirocco, ridden by Christophe Soumillon, who beat his stable mate Hurricane Run, ridden by Kieren Fallon. But you can’t read too much into this as it was run at a pedestrian pace with the Arc contenders aware that the race is only a few weeks away. Fallon said Hurricane Run doesn’t like small fields and tends to raise his game when the stakes are high, as we saw in the King George at Ascot. Shirocco is unbeaten this year and goes for the Arc then the Breeders Cup again, but this time he might go for the Classic. I wouldn’t necessarily read too much into the form of this race as none of the Arc principals were going to be asked to do too much. It gave the two main Arc contenders, first and second in the betting, a nice workout.

The Prix Niel was won by another Andre Fabre trained horse, Rail Link, with Soumillon notching another victory, who beat Youmzain in a strong drive to the line.

The Prix Vermeille, for fillies and mares, was won by Mandesha, piloted by, guess who, Christophe Soumillon, who is owned by the Aga Khan’s daughter Princess Zahra. Mandesha looked very impressive and she may be supplemented for the Arc, when her connections, including trainer Alain de Royer-Dupre have an opportunity to examine the timings.

Andre Fabre trains three of the first four in the betting for the Arc, Hurricane Run, then Shirocco, and third favourite Deep Impact, Japan’s top horse, with Rail Link in fourth.

As usual, it will be some race.

The sportinglife adds a report: SHIROCCO CLAIMS HURRICANE SCALP. The Arc de Triomphe is the principal race for older horses in europe in the fall.

Update 630: Wendy offers a nice report on her visit with Lost in the Fog yesterday (saturday), its on the discussion boards: My Visit with Fog. It includes the following excerpt:

I walked back to Greg’s barn and met him in his office. I introduced myself and we chatted for a short while. I had printed off the posts from yesterday morning so he could get an understanding of the website and what people have been posting. He pointed to the wall behind me and said, “Look! This is what I have received just today! There’s so much that I have been sharing it with others.” Then he said, “C’mon, let’s go see the guy.”

Update 629: Peter is planning to visit Barbaro around lunchtime today, after morning work in the barn, so I will catch up with him and get a report later (early afternoon I hope). You have made the paper: Barbaro’s superfans. This is the article Kennett Florist refered to a couple of days ago in the local paper, I guess it has now only just gone online.

It is a georgeous morning again at Fair Hill. I did not have anything to ride but went to Tim’s to see how Randy’s Bullet and Gator Nation came out of their respective races yesterday at Laurel. They arrived back in the barn about 9:30 pm last night. Both looked well this morning. I saw Randy’s Bullet shedrowing and then being led out for a pick of grass. He looked fine. Tim is now heading up to Monmouth to run Red Aspen in the sixth race.

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Barbaro Updates: 70
Posted September 9, 2006

updates are now here.

Update 628: It is Mike Rea’s birthday on tuesday: Please Don’t Forget Mike Rea’s Birthday!

Update 627: Tim called back and Randy’s Bullet appeared to be cooling out in good order.

Update 626: Just spoke to Tim. Randy’s Bullet broke his maiden at Laurel, was produced with great timing to win the race. Tim is now on his way back to the receiving barn to see him. He believes all is well, and will call back in 30 minutes with an update. Gator Nation was put on the front end, and for a second start it was a tough thing to do, he ran a little green down the lane.

Miraculous Miss, how fantastic was it to see her return with a win. She spotted the field a few lengths but came with a sweeping run and it was just great to see. She looked great in the paddock, very cool and calm. Clearly no ill effects from her Acorn experience. I saw Steve Klesaris directly after the race and congratulated him, he was pretty excited. Lil, his wife and assistant, was walking her back after the race and she just looked completely elated. Very cool! As far as the rest of Delaware, both Graham Motion and Michael Matz had winners also, so a decent day for Fair Hill, Ramon Dominguez cleaned up!

Showing Up seemed to run well in the Man o’ War, he looked like he was trying to bite another horse early in the race. He was a little keen down the backside and I think that may have been his undoing. Anyway, a good performance for a 3yo facing older horses on the turf for the first time. I imagine the turf was a little yielding. I’ll call Barclay in the next day or so to see how he came out of the race. It seems Barclay had a nice winner earlier on the card.

I received the following e-mail from Sue McMullen reporting on the top European racing today:

A feast of racing today for racegoers at York and Leopardstown. First York, where the St Leger was relocated from Doncaster while the latter is closed for rebuilding. There’s an old saying that the fastest horse wins the Guineas, the luckiest horse wins the Epsom Derby and the best horse wins the St Leger and Sixties Icon, under a confident ride by Frankie Dettori, underlined this piece of racing folklore. Described as the ‘easiest Classic he’s ever won’ and his fourth St Leger, Frankie had little to fear from anything else in the race and when he asked the favourite to quicken, Sixties Icon proved he was the class horse of the race and cruised effortlessly to the front, never in danger of being headed. Trainer Jeremy Noseda, winning his first British Classic, couldn’t be there to savour victory as he is currently at the Keeneland sales so anybody reading this from the sales who saw a mad Brit leaping up and down watching a monitor, it was probably him. Sixties Icon is described by his groom Sean as ‘a show off, just like Frankie!’ It was a refreshing change to see some credit go to his regular work rider, Mick Deniro (I’m sure Alex will appreciate this!) as the jockeys tend to get all the glory when so much of the daily work at home goes unmentioned.

Meanwhile at Leopardstown yet another thrilling finish to the Irish Champion Stakes, which never fails to light up the season. The toughest mares in training, Ouija Board and Alexander Goldrun were taken on by Dylan Thomas, winner of the Irish Derby. An imposing individual, representing Ballydoyle and ridden by Kieren Fallon, Dylan locked horns with Ouija in the home stretch and at one point Lord Derby’s tough-as-teak mare headed the Aiden O’Brien colt. But Dylan lengthened his stride (memories of our Bobby here) and fought back. So it was not Ouija’s day but she gave him a real fight, battling her heart out to the wire with the game Alexander Goldrun, who was forced to challenge wide, in third.

This seems to be a day for the old sayings and another one is ‘don’t get beaten by one you’ve past’ so Jamie Spencer might well have an attack of ‘if only’ as it could be said that he went too soon and ruined Ouija’s chances. But you can’t take anything away from the winner, who had the services of one of the world’s best pilots, and the gallant mare lost nothing in defeat. Lord Derby, or ‘Teddy’ as he is known to his friends, has enjoyed the most incredible rollercoaster ride over the last few years and he is desperately proud of Ouija Board and all she has accomplished around the world, as indicated by this comment to RTE sport. “She has run a brave race and it was no disgrace being beaten by an Irish Derby winner to whom she was giving 4lb. She’s a truly loyal horse and always tries her best.”

Following victory in what is regarded as a seriously prestigious race in the global racing calendar, Dylan Thomas will be aimed at the Breeders’ Cup, in either the Turf or the Classic.

It was also good to see Kieren in the familiar dark blue colours of his employers and regardless of the accusations made against him, there are many in the UK who believe a man is innocent until proven guilty and were outraged that he was suspended from riding while awaiting trial.

Note: Kieren Fallon is currently suspended in England from riding, and will not be riding in the Breeders’ Cup.

Update 625: Before I report on racing today I wanted to give you an update on Lost in the Fog I just received from the press office at Golden Gate Fields (Tom Ferrall):

Lost in the Fog was resting in his stall at Golden Gate Fields Saturday, two days after receiving his first chemotherapy treatment at UC Davis.

The champion sprinter of 2005 had the chemotherapy treatment Thursday and was able to return home to Golden Gate Fields Friday afternoon.

“I think it (the treatment) affected him a little bit, but he’s eating and he’s drinking,” reported trainer Greg Gilchrist Saturday. “He seems a little tired, but that’s to be expected. I think he’ll snap out of it.”

Gilchrist said Lost in the Fog, who was diagnosed with three cancerous tumors last month, will have his next chemotherapy treatment “Sept. 27 or Sept. 28.”

Gilchrist said he thanks everyone for the tremendous support that he, owner Harry J. Aleo and Lost in the Fog have received.

Lost in the Fog vigil, tonight, 7 pm, whereever you are, whatever you are doing, spare some thoughts for the Fog.

Update 624: Just spoke to Peter who was just finishing up his visit with Barbaro (noontime). He said Barbaro was well, again, Peter was pretty upbeat. He is now off to Delaware Park, as am I. I also caught up with Kim, Peter’s wife. She let me know that Barbaro’s baby brother has now been weaned. No new pictures yet, but we are hoping for some.
update saturday september 9, 12:20 pm

Update 623: I just spoke to Peter Brette. He is planning to visit Barbaro after morning work, and on his way to Delaware Park (where he will be busy saddling plenty of runners this afternoon). I will get an update from Peter after his visit, hopefully by early afternoon.

While there is still no confirmation on whether Better Talk Now will run in the Melbourne Cup, I think it is quite likely. A race has been recently named after the three time winner Makybe Diva: Craiglee Stakes renamed for three-time Melbourne Cup winner Makybe Diva. Makybe Diva herself has been retired to the breeding shed. Here is part of an e-mail I received about her first mating from Susan Senior:

Well the “deed” has been done between the Diva and Gallileo. Bloodstock breeding experts call it a “match made in heaven”.
Some trivia and good for a smile – The Diva had her favourite song (I’ts only the beginning) played during her mating and the Barn was decorated in her racing colours of red, white and blue!!! This is the absolute truth! One respected and revered trainer George Hanlon is quoted as saying quite seriously “Horses are only human”.

It made me smile!

It is sad to report Electrocutionist – suffered suspected heart attack. He had recently run second to Ouija Board who is running today, in his penultimate start.

Update 622: Lost in the Fog received his first chemotherapy treatment at 11:30 am, thursday. He is now back in his familiar barn at Golden Gate Fields. Here is a detialed report of the treatment from UC Davis: Lost in the Fog: Chemo Begins. It includes the following excerpts:

Lost In The Fog tolerated the treatment extremely well and remained comfortable throughout. He remained bright and alert overnight, maintained a normal temperature, and had an excellent appetite and attitude.

Lost In The Fog was released from the teaching hospital at 11:45 AM Friday, September 8, into the care of his trainer, Mr. Greg Gilchrist, and his veterinarian, Dr. Don Smith, who will monitor the horse closely at Golden Gate Fields. Dr. Smith will collect blood at regular intervals to monitor the effects of the first round of chemotherapy.

Subsequent chemotherapy treatments will be scheduled based on the results of these blood tests and on Lost In The Fog’s progress.


Lost In The Fog was a model patient while hospitalized at the VMTH and behaved very well. He will, no doubt, enjoy his return to the familiar environment and faces in Mr. Gilchrist’s barn at Golden Gate Fields.

The dedicated veterinarians and staff who have provided Lost In The Fog with round-the-clock care during his visits to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital are rooting for him. We sincerely appreciate the messages of support and encouragement that have poured in from Lost In The Fog’s many fans and admirers around the globe.

The article includes a nice headshot of the Fog and also provides an e-mail address you can use to send your wishes:

The Barbaro update will likely be delayed today, just an FYI, but a few people are away and we might not learn anything until this afternoon.

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Barbaro Updates: 69
Posted September 8, 2006

updates are now here.

Update 621: The discussion boards that we set up on 8/8/06 (a month ago) eclipsed 10,000 messages today. Amazing. Busiest day: yesterday (this site going down obviously helped that but..), 974 messages posted, 3429 visits (members and non members) and 181407 messages viewed.

Update 620: Racing around … we have plenty of racing to follow tomorrow, unfortunately non of which is on network TV (or ESPN). Delaware Park has “owners day”, which basically means the purses go up, they get a good card and offer some great food for those with the right tickets (this year I will get one)! The racing should be great. From Fair Hill we have Miraculous Miss making her long anticipated return, and she has been looking good in her recent works. Diabolical is also entered in the Kent for Steve Klesaris, he has done well since the Preakness. Michael Matz has plenty of runners (Peter will have a busy day), and I will have some great food! Tim has a couple of runners at Laurel, Randy’s Bullet and Gator Nation, so I will have to keep an eye on those on the simulcast. I will also of course be following Showing Up’s exploits at Belmont.

In europe there are two races of interest, the St Leger (third leg of their equivalent of the triple crown) and the Irish Champion Stakes. This is covered by the Daily Racing Form: Ouija Board-‘Alexander’ rematch, and below by our friend Sue McMullen:

plus we’ve got the Irish Champion Stakes this weekend. This, as you probably know, is ALWAYS one of the best races of the season. We’ve seen some magnificent battles over the years between the very best horses and this year’s will be no exception. A mouth-watering clash between two of the best mares in the world, Ouija Board and Alexander Goldrun, and the young pretender Dylan Thomas, who is joint favourite with Ouija Board. If Dylan were to win, he would have to overturn the trend of this season and win a Group One against his elders.

Winner of the Irish Derby by an impressive three-and-a-half lengths, Dylan Thomas will be at the mercy of the two wonderful mares who fought out a thrilling finish to the Group One Vodafone Nassau Stakes at Goodwood in one of the best Flat races this season. On that occasion the globe-trotting Oujia Board prevailed by a short-head over Alexander Goldrun, both mares fighting to the line, and should she win again it will take her tally of Group Ones to a magnificent seven.

Update 619: Just spoke to Peter Brette following his and Eduardo’s visit to Barbaro. Barbaro remains comfortable. Peter was pretty upbeat. They did not take him out to graze as Michael had done this this morning, straight after Fair Hill, and on his way to Keeneland (sales next week I think). Eduardo groomed Barbaro. Its a short report but a good visit for all.

Rachel at Kennett Florist left this comment (timestamp: 2:30 pm):

As a collective group your voices are strong and we applaud each and everyone of you for all you have done! Thank you Tim, Alex, Mr and Mrs Jackson and everyone who stood up and let their voice be heard!! We will continue to fight with you for the good of all horses!

All was quiet with NBC when Alie went up yesterday afternoon. The reports we get are the same as Alex. Barbaro continues to be doing well. We brought his majesty some green tops and pears and had a nice basket for the blood donor horses.

We are in the process of throwing together a birthday party/surprise for Mike Rea! His birthday is next Tuesday (September 12) and we’re hoping to surprise the heck out of him! I’ve talked to his sister Nancy to make sure what gifts, treats, etc we get are things that he will enjoy. My brother and sister in law are both physical therapists so they’re helping me with some ideas that would be things that would also be useful. This family and this man are amazing, and whatever we can do to help support Mike, we will do!

God Bless Barbaro and all that have come together because of him!


Update 618: I just spoke to Steve Willard, Giacomo’s exercise rider. Giacomo worked again today. It was the last day for them at Del Mar, and they are now shipping back to Santa Anita. Steve said Giacomo is doing well. He had a little light breeze to stretch his legs and keep the wind in him (5/8ths 1:04 I think). They are basically putting the miles into him, and he is keeping good muscle tone. His mental condition remains good and he is eating well. I am not sure yet whether they have his next race planned.

Update 617: I just spoke to Barclay Tagg to get an update on Showing Up. He jogged back to the gate today. He stood in the gate, and he also paddock schooled a little. Sounds like a nice quiet day before his big race tomorrow. Showing Up is the first of the three year old “big guns” to take on older horses, in the Man o’ War. Good luck to Barclay and the Jacksons. Here is the Daily Racing Form’s review of the race: Showing Up faces hotter competition, excerpt:

Having easily handled 3-year-olds in two turf stakes, Showing Up will face older horses for the first time in Saturday’s Grade 1, $500,000 Man o’ War Stakes at Belmont Park. He will face Grade 1 winners Cacique, Relaxed Gesture, and Go Deputy in the Man o’ War, run at 1 3/8 miles on the inner turf course.

I asked Barclay if Showing Up will train tomorrow before the race. , He said he would likely jog a little.

Peter is heading over to visit Barbaro early afternoon. He is taking Eduardo with him, so this will be Eduardo’s first visit in quite a while. I’ll get an update later from Peter. Eduardo was very grateful for the gift basket I forwarded to him, very grateful.

Update 616: As I noted in update 615, Michael Matz reported this morning all remained well for Barbaro yesterday. It is another gorgeous morning this morning at Fair Hill.

Sorry, the site crashed yesterday, coincidentally just as the congress vote was coming in, and now we know: House votes to ban horse slaughter for food. I am amazed at everyone’s efforts, but there is still a road ahead to get things completed. Lots of discussion on this issue on the discussion boards.

Lost in the Fog underwent his forst Chemotherapy session: Lost in the Fog has his first chemotherapy treatment, an excerpt:

Lost in the Fog, the 2005 Eclipse sprint champion, had his first of six planned chemotherapy treatments at the University of California at Davis on Thursday.


Magdesian said that Lost in the Fog’s blood work would be monitored closely between treatments as would his bone marrow. Lost in the Fog’s chemotherapy sessions will be spaced three weeks apart.

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Barbaro Updates: 68
Posted September 7, 2006

updates are now here.

Update 615: Saw Michael Matz this morning on my first set and Barbaro remained well through yesterday (thursday). I will add further updates in about an hour…very glad the site is back!
updated friday 6:45am

Update 614: Still no update for Barbaro today. I saw Michael Matz as I was having lunch in Prizzios, our local convenience store. He was on his way to see Barbaro, so we should be able to get an update later.

Update 613: Just spoke to Barclay Tagg. Showing Up galloped a mile and a half today on the dirt track at Belmont, which is once around. He jogged back to the 7/8ths pole before the gallop. I asked how he is doing, Barclay: “Same old horse” … (that’s good). Two days to the Man o’ War. Funny Cide jogged a turn of the main track and remains well.

Update 612: A nice article from the Washington Post this morning: Stretch Drive for Saving Horses also includes a Barbaro reference:

Horses helped build this country. And even today they enrich the lives of millions of Americans. Our immense response to the champion Thoroughbred Barbaro’s injury — the cards and emails and flowers are still pouring in — demonstrate that the regal and loyal animal still holds a special place in our hearts.

Update 611: Michael Matz visited Barbaro last evening and he said all was well. I saw him first set on the dirt track. It was a stunning sunrise this morning with a layer of mist coming up out of the ground. Just finished galloping Chappy for my second set and hoping for a nice uneventful morning.
updated thursday 7:05am

Update 610: Ray Paulick, editor-in-chief of the Bloodhorse makes end of year predictions: Locks which include this one we can all agree to:

Equine surgeon Dean Richardson and the staff at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center will win the 2006 Eclipse Award of Merit. No one is more deserving than Richardson and his team at New Bolton. The work done in the hours and days following Barbaro’s devastating injury in the Preakness was remarkable from a veterinary medicine standpoint. Their decision (and that of owners Roy and Gretchen Jackson) to provide frequent updates (including photographs and video) on Barbaro’s recovery, despite the very real possibility that the colt could die, allowed millions of people who might have given up on horse racing because of the injury to stay connected with the sport.

Another article from the Thoroughbred Times discusses the transparency of Barbaro’s condition and its effect: Focus on fracture repair. The article begins:

THE UNPRECEDENTED media coverage of Kentucky Derby (G1) winner Barbaro’s injury, surgical repair, and recovery at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center has turned casual horse enthusiasts into quasi-medical interns. Countless numbers of people have downloaded the images of Barbaro’s fractured leg and its repair, and they have followed the daily media updates through cast changes, implant removal and replacement, laminitis, and suspected osteomyelitis (bone infection).

At each step of the way, ordinary people–carpenters, secretaries, truck drivers, and cooks–have been exposed to the methods used to repair equine fractures and the medical care necessary following such procedures. They have followed Barbaro’s assisted recovery in New Bolton’s surgical recovery tank, read about the titanium plate and screws in his injured limb, and seen pictures of him standing in a supportive sling.

and ends:

It is too early to be sure about Barbaro’s legacy. As the Kentucky Derby winner continues to battle complications associated with repair of his right hind leg, it is premature to speculate how Barbaro will be viewed in years to come. Will he be thought of as a gifted athlete that excited and thrilled the world of horse racing? Will he be remembered for his ability in the breeding shed? Will he be forever linked to his struggle to recover from a devastating injury? One thing is certain so far: Barbaro may well be best remembered for providing the public with an education in the advances and possibilities available through veterinary medicine.

Congratulations to everyone for all your hard work yesterday on the anti horse-slaughter bill. A quick reminder, the morning report will actually be a report from Michael’s visit yesterday evening.

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Barbaro Updates: 67
Posted September 6, 2006

updates are now here.

Update 609: A report from Kennett Florist (timestamp: 6:36pm):

Afternoon Everyone,

All is quiet this afternoon. The town hall meeting that was scheduled for this morning that we were going to bring treats for was postponed. We did bring some treats for the staff and our beloved boy. I’m still a little gun shy around those darn green tops. The stitches come out today!! LOL
The carrots were heading right up to Barbaro.

Anyway, also wanted to let you know we’re planning a trip to Elkton, MD next Tuesday, September 12. It’s just an FYI. Thanks again for all your calls and emails!


Martine posted in the comments a conversation she had with the Fog’s owner (timestamp 9:10 pm):

I had a nice conversation yesterday with Lost in the Fog’s owner, Harry Aleo. Mr. Aleo is a very sweet man who took time — at a time when things are obviously quite hectic — to talk about the Fog and what a fighter is! Mr. Aleo was gracious and touched by the interest of others in LITF. Great guy, great horse. Best wishes to both of them!

Anyone that reads the comments below today can be nothing but impressed with everyones efforts for tomorrow’s vote. Amazing. Vigil tonight, 7pm, east coast time.

Update 608: Barbaro remains comfortable. This took a while today, but Peter did just call (3:10 pm). He had Barbaro out grazing for 15 – 20 minutes, no problems at all. It was the first time Peter had grazed him so that was good!

Update 607: Still no Barbaro update, but just got off the phone with Peter. He is going over to visit this afternoon. Michael asked him to take Bobby out to graze, so I plan to get an update later from Peter.

Update 606: Still no morning report for Barbaro. I spoke to Barclay Tagg to get updates on Showing Up and Funny Cide. Showing up shedrowed today, which is very typical the day after a work. They all remain pleased with him going into the Man o’ War on saturday. Funny Cide did his first bit of exercise since the Woodward on saturday. He jogged a mile. He felt good, the rider was very happy with the way he was moving, so at this stage he does not appear to have suffered any ill effects from his Woodward race.

The Thoroughbred Times has this article on the vote for tomorrow: Close vote predicted on horse slaughter bill, excerpt:

“I think it’s changing by the moment,” said Charles Stenholm, who was the ranking Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee for six years. “It’s going to be a very close vote. There’s no question about that.”

Update 605: Saw Michael Matz going on to the woodchip track for my first set this morning. He let me know that for the next few days he’ll have to provide me evening reports from his visit with Barbaro the night before as Dr. Richardson is away at a seminar for a few days. Michael’s evening report from last night (tuesday) is that Bobby was comfortable and all remains well. He visited about 8pm.
For whatever reason, I forgot one of my gloves this morning…my left hand glove. This is the hand that holds on to everything (neck strap, mane, and reins). So this might be a problem! But we survived the first set intact. And now about to get on Chappy. I will endeavour to post a report on Barbaro later today as I am able.
updated wednesday 6:55am

Update 604: Kennett Florist’s report of their NBC visit yesterday (timestamp 1:03pm):

So glad to be back today!! There was so much to catch up with that I never got a chance to post until late tonight. It was so nice to be back at NBC today. (Good grief, what will I do when Barbaro goes home?) We welcomed everyone back from their long weekend with pizza and salad for lunch. Everyone expressed their gratitude for your kindness. We brought up a big basket of carrots and pears for the big guy! I can imagine he was wondering where his usual daily delivery of green tops was… “OK, I get that they don’t deliver on Sundays, but what’s with this long weekend thing?” All kidding aside, when I asked about Barbaro, Iwas told that he had a really good weekend.

Alie went back up later with a special delivery for a special friend, some apples, carrots and treats for the blood donor horses, and some other treats for the two legged beasts. I got to make a trip to Fair Hill, with goodies for Michael Matz, Peter, Alex, Tim and Dr Anderson.

Again, thank you all for everything you do… the candles, prayers, tributes, poems, jokes, etc. It truly is nice to be HOME!


Having bolted out of Fair Hill early yesterday (drenched) I am now excited to return!

Miraculous Miss is back in the entries, 11th race at Delaware Park on saturday. It has been a long road to get her back after the Acorn gate incident. I will be going over to Delaware Park, it is a great days racing altogether saturday.

Bluegrass Cat is adapting to his new life on a farm: Bluegrass Cat adapts to life off the track, relevant excerpt:

The son of Storm Cat (the Kentucky Derby runner-up and winner of $1.8 million) was happily bedded down in his new home, munching hay, when I paid a visit this past week.

He turned to the door and seemed happy to see people. No doubt the transition from Todd Pletcher’s busy racing stable to being the only horse inside the barn during the day has taken some adjusting on Bluegrass Cat’s part.

He’ll get 30 days in the stall while healing begins on the non-displaced fracture of his right hind pastern. He will not need surgery.

After the stall rest will come 30 days of walking for exercise. For now, he’s wearing a thick bandage wrapped around his leg to protect the fracture.

Finally one day to go for the anti horse-slaughter bill. We will have a vigil tonight, 7 pm (east coast time) for the passing of the bill. A list has been compiled of those not on board with the bill: List of Reps that are NOT for the bill. And we have this lovely poem: My Poem and Plea for HR503:

Help me find the words, Dear Lord, to reach the heart of man
That each will hear this message and will clearly understand.
To some, it may be humble prayer for those who can not pray
To others, a voice of wisdom that can end unspoken pain.

Each and every person bears a gift to stop this crime
All were born and living just to be here at this time.
It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve stood before
An open heart is all you need to close this fateful door.

Time is of the essence lest another thousand fall
In excruciating slaughter, born of greed and hidden gall.
Captive bolt and bleeding while the others watch in fear
Sold for wealthy foreign appetites, when will Our Country hear?

America’s companion who has carried her so far
Across the plains in covered wagons, homestead bound, to farm.
Express mail was a pony, through rain, through sleet, through snow
Throughout this nation’s history are hoof prints leading home.

The cowboy’s friend and livelyhood, his song beneath the stars
All the pretty horses prance through childhood dreams and hearts.
The bloodhorse is bred and trained to bear our triple crown
An artist gift is born where mare and foal are bedded down.

Please let these words and images move each of us to stand!
It is our duty and our right as stewards in this Land.
Call and write your congressmen on HR503
Let the USA shine proud again from sea to shining sea.

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Barbaro Updates: 66
Posted September 5, 2006

updates are now here.

Update 603: Just spoke to Kathy Anderson, she visited Barbaro about 4:30 pm this afternoon. She was happy with Bobby, she had not been able to visit for a few days and was pleased with what she observed. He seemed bright and alert in his stall, which she said was quite warm (that being a positive thing since we are having decidedly wet fall weather right now)!

Update 602: Edgar Prado continued his winning ways by winning the riding title at Saratoga, and in doing so beating out probably the second (Gomez) and third (Velasquez) leading riders in the country: Prado edges Gomez to win third Saratoga riding title. Now Edgar, time to pay a quick visit!

Other jockeys in the news include Victor Espinoza: Debutante Win Gives Espinoza Del Mar Record, Joe Bravo: Joe Bravo Wins Six Races at Monmouth and Kieran Fallon: Fallon Withdraws Attempt to Ride in Breeders’ Cup.

Update 601: New Bolton’s release: Barbaro continues to do well:

Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro continues to please veterinarians with his progress after his most recent right hind leg cast change last week. “Barbaro is wearing the new cast satisfactorily,” said Dr. Dean W. Richardson, Chief of Surgery. “We continue to monitor him closely, and depending on how he progresses, we may change it again within the next two weeks.”

The colt’s left hind foot, which has laminitis, continues to improve gradually, according to Dr. Richardson. The bandage on this foot is changed daily.

“Barbaro’s appetite is great, and we take him out each day to hand graze him,” said Dr. Richardson. “His vital signs remain normal, and he seems very happy.”

Barbaro is in the Intensive Care Unit of the University of Pennsylvania’s George D. Widener Hospital, where he is recovering from injuries suffered at the Preakness on May 20.

The next update will be posted on Tuesday, September 12 unless there is a significant change in Barbaro’s condition.

Update 600: Just spoke to Barclay Tagg, he worked Showing Up this morning as scheduled, on the inner turf, no dogs (i.e. on the rail). He went in 1:01.1 and was very pleased with the work. This will be his last work before the Man o’ War on saturday.

New Bolton Center are releasing a Barbaro update today, that should be available shortly.

Its raining hard here now, training hours were cut short!

Update 599: Another comfortable night for Barbaro (monday night). Michael Matz told me as I was just pulling up on Chappy after galloping 1 3/8 mile in my second set. Michael had heard from Dr. Richardson as usual. It’s a little bit rainy this morning but it’s actually quite pleasant to ride.
updated tuesday 7:10am

Update 598: Another visit to Lost in the Fog has been posted to the discussion board: A Visit with Lost in the Fog, this was a visit from Saturday. The Bring out your best Barbaro tribute contest closes at 2 pm today. Thanks to all those who have submitted entries thus far.

The Jacksons and the managing partner for the ownership group of Funny Cide will be in Washington today: Time and Location Change for Whitfield Press Conference on H.R. 503, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. The presser notes the conference is 11 pm today, I assume 11 am, but when i called to check yesterday they were on holiday! ShellyA is also in DC for this: INFORMATION FROM DC.

I had been meaning to repost Sabina’s link, it includes a couple of additional pictures of Barbaro, and more importantly, a link to this site!

Dan Hendricks is pointing the blame for Brother Derek’s fourth last weekend squarely on his own shoulders: Hendricks: Derek wasn’t quite fit. I guess I can see what he means. When a horse breezes so easily it means they have obvious talent, but if they are not being pushed then they are not always getting too much out of those breezes. Also, I have now added a link to the site’s FAQ to the left.

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Barbaro Wristband Fundraiser
Posted September 4, 2006

The Barbaro Wristband, authorized by Mrs. Jackson.
by Sharon Clark. All proceeds to the Barbaro Fund.

All proceeds from the Barbaro wristband fundraiser will be donated to the Barbaro Fund for the George D. Widener Hospital at New Bolton Center. “This fund in Barbaro’s name will honor him and provide a lasting resource to help care for animals treated at the Widener Hospital.”

The wristbands are the colors of the Lael Stables’ Jockey silks. Mrs. Jackson, Barbaro’s co-owner, was doing an interview for the Catholic News Service. During her interview she made a comment to “live the moment. It’s the greatest way in the world to live — because you truly live. If you’re always projecting into the future, you’re not enjoying the moment.”

BARBARO IS A WINNER! He has captured the heart of the nation. From the race track to the Intensive Care Unit — he has shown only grace, determination, and the heart of a champion.

The wristbands are to be worn as a reminder of all that Barbaro has represented — his courage, his triumph, his charm, and most of all his heart. When the person wearing the wristband happens to catch a glimpse of it — it will be a reminder say a little prayer for him, and also to send him loving and healing thoughts.

QUANTITY _____ ($5.00 EACH)

QUANTITY _____ ($5.00 EACH)


To order wristbands; please print this page and send $5.00 for each wristband to:

Sharon Clark
P.O. Box 78
Silver Spring, PA 17575

You may e-mail Sharon at

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Barbaro Updates: 65
Posted September 4, 2006

updates are now here.

Update 597: Another comfortable day for Barbaro. Just spoke to Peter Brette who had heard from Michael Matz, who visited Bobby this afternoon.

Update 596: Returning to Fair Hill, I had three more to ride after the break. Two of which were nicely uneventful, one of which was intent to try to remove me from the saddle (rearing, leaping and lunging). Fortunately luck prevailed, although I had to apologise for some colourful language. Tim breezed Red Aspen and Gator Nation after the break on the woodchips. Tim was on Red Aspen and Jesus Bracho (Fair Hill’s resident jockey) was on Gator Nation. The 5/8ths breeze seemed to go well for all concerned.

Perhaps slightly off topic (perhaps not), but it seems the animal world lost a real hero and advocate, Steve Irwin: A Huge Loss to the Animal World. One of you had recently written to Steve about the Wild Animal Sanctuary closure in Colorado: The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado is being forced to close it’s doors. Lets hope Steve’s tremendous legacy continues!

Update 595: Another comfortable night last night for Barbaro (sunday night). I saw Michael Matz as I was on my way to the woodchip track for my third set. He had heard from Dr. Richardson, who has now returned from his vacation.

Mondays are usually a little chaotic at the track, many horses have had the sunday off and are pretty “fresh”. Given the weather we had saturday, quite a few horses will have had two days off. This monday did include a loose horse early on the woodchip track. I cannot name the rider, she said she would not speak to me again if I did, but all was well. Barclay Tagg (who must be in town just for the day) caught the horse by the gap (it was not one of his). I asked Barclay again about Funny Cide, he said they had him thoroughly checked over and he seems fine.

I also caught up with Graham Motion, and asked him for a job. His immediate response “What happened ?” I then mentioned I just wanted to go with Better Talk Now to the Melbourne Cup. I tried to convince him that he really needs someone on his team with Melbourne Cup experience (I know where the closest bar to the paddock is located etc.) He smiled. It seems they will make a decision in the next couple of days about running, there are a few things they need to sort through before a decision to run can be made. It will certainly be a very sporting venture if they do go.
update 8:20 am, september 4

Update 594: Bo Derek was on ABC yesterday discussing the Anti Horse-Slaughter legislation: Perfect ’10’ Actress Rallies for Horses, she even makes reference to Barbaro in her short clip. The vote on this issue is scheduled for September 7, so this will be a busy week. The discussion boards are very active on this issue.

It looks more and more likely that Better Talk Now will be pointed for the Melbourne Cup: Better Talk Now pointed for Melbourne Cup. I need to see if I can get a job with Graham! What a great adventure this would be. I witnessed Makybe Diva’s first Melbourne Cup victory, and having been to many races around the world, this was my most memorable racing experience.

It does beg the question, why don’t US-based horses compete for the Melbourne Cup. A couple of reasons might include, timing (its the same week as the Breeders Cup), and the distance of the race (its way too far for many of the horses in the US who are used to a mile and a half being an absolute marathon). Anyway, the Melbourne Cup is known as the race that stops a nation (it actually stops two nations when you include New Zealand). It is so refreshing to see how our sport really can be capture the imagination of countries in such a significant way, if only for a day.

We have been voted with a Yeah (I thought that was pretty cool)! The Barbaro update this morning may be a little late, I am not sure. It is Labor Day, but this does not impact training horses, i.e. Fair Hill will be business as usual. That being said, it might be tough for me to get the update up until a little later.

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Barbaro Updates: 64
Posted September 3, 2006

updates are now here.

Update 593: Just spoke to Peter Brette. He was unable to visit Barbaro today, I think he spent most of the day cleaning things up in his yard after the weather that came through yesterday (something I have neglected to do). As far as Peter is aware, Barbaro remains fine, so that is good enough for me.

Update 592: An excellent article on Lost in the Fog: HOME STRETCH.

Update 591: Just spoke to Barclay Tagg about Funny Cide. No real excuses, Funny appeared to come back from the race fine. Barclay is having the vet go over him thoroughly but nothing appears to be amiss. Barclay mentioned that his jockey felt Funny bobble a little going down the backside and did not pick up the bit from that point on.

Showing Up is still scheduled for his final work in tuesday before the Man o’ War, we will follow him into saturday’s race.

Update 590: Another comfortable night for Barbaro last night (saturday night). I saw Michael as I was leaving the woodchip track on my first set this morning. Due to the poor weather yesterday I went in today to ride a couple for Tim. Michael has a few riders come in on sundays, one of whom (today) is Emily. She took some nice pictures of Round Pond at Monmouth last weekend. Her partner is a professional photographer and is covering the 2006 World Equestrian Games.
update sunday, september 3, 8:25 am

Update 589: With the Woodward now complete (Premium Tap springs $64 upset) our racing focus will shift to Belmont next weekend where Showing Up will return to the races in the Man o’ War: Man o’ War is Showing Up’s best option. This is the first of the three year old “big guns” taking on older horses (but not likely Fair Hill’s Better talk Now who won it last year: Better Talk Now Unlikely to Defend Man o’ War). Barclay mentioned to me a couple of days ago that Showing Up was likely to have his final breeze in preparation for the Man o’ War on tuesday at Belmont. If Showing Up runs well in the Man o’ War he will be on target for the Breeders Cup Turf.

I am beginning to develop an FAQ for this site. If you would like questions added, please list them in the comments section of that page.

This morning’s update on Barbaro will likely be a little later than usual. I have a couple to get on beginning at 7 am, once I am done I will then try to get the update.

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Barbaro Updates: 63
Posted September 2, 2006

updates are now here.

Update 588: Both Brother Derek and Bob and John were beaten in their first starts since the Triple Crown: Cindago Tops Bob and John in El Cajon; Brother Derek Fades, excerpt:

Brother Derek, off since back-to-back fourth-place finishes in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness (both gr. I) in May, did not have the easiest of returns for trainer Dan Hendricks. He was a step slow getting away from the gate and pulled jockey Alex Solis to the leaders while stuck four wide on the clubhouse turn. He continued to prompt the pace to the far turn but fell back while racing between horses as they came off the bend. He finished a tired fourth.

Update 587: Peter just called (5:45 pm) and Barbaro remains comfortable, Michael had visited and spoke to Peter. Another good day. Peter is planning a visit tomorrow.

Don’t forget, 7 pm vigil for Barbaro and Lost in the Fog. Whereever you are, whatever you are doing, spare some thoughts for Bobby and the Fog.

Update 586: Woodward odds and ends. Congratulations to Premium Tap and John Kimmel. John Kimmel used to have a string at Fair Hill, and along time ago I used to freelance for him. The result seems to highlight that the three year old division is the stronger division at this point and will likely yeild the horse of the year. I also see Corey Black has been added to the broadcast crew. He has had a pretty “interesting” racing career. Was a great apprentice jockey many years ago in California, was more recently agent for Gary Stevens (now retired), and then last year he came east with a jockey to be his agent. He would also gallop / breeze (I guess as part of his agent duties) and come over to Fair Hill a few days a week.

Update 585: Apparently we are not the only ones where bad weather is impacting racing (Philadelphia Park and Monmouth cancelled, hoping for a fast track for Funny in Saratoga), its a bog in England! Sue McMullen just sent me this e-mail about the feature race at Haydock Park today (Haydock Park Sprint comes down to two):

The big sprint at Haydock was today and it was won by Reverence, who of course beat Enticing in the Nunthorpe. It was nice for the horse to win again as some felt he was lucky in the Nunthorpe as he had the ground in his favour. You couldn’t even argue that he had his ground (soft) as it was pretty desperate in the north of England today. They were baling water off the course before the first and Thirsk was abandoned after three races. So it was heavy even for Reverence and would have tapped his stamina. I believe the time was 2.7 secs slower than standard, which is a lot for a six furlong race. All credit to Reverence for plugging his way through a bog.

Update 584: Spoke to Barclay Tagg (10 am) and Funny Cide was on his way over to the detention barn (I think they have to be there six hours before their race) in preparation for this afternoon’s feature race, The Woodward. Funny Cide jogged this morning, a quiet bit of exercise. So far so good, there is no rain in Saratoga, yet. Barclay asked about the weather down here, I am not sure he was too thrilled with the answer (rain and wind). Here is a nice article on Funny Cide for today: Funny Cide’s glorious return. The article concludes:

Win, place or show, Saturday they will be showing up to watch the horse who once showed the world that anything was possible. And for this, just seeing him again will be good enough.

I thought it was appropriate to highlight the efforts of those on this site wrt the anti horse-slaughter bill: OUR PROGRESS SO FAR…. This is only one example of all the generosity (time and reesources) of those of you on this site.

Finally, Mike seems to be settling in well to his new spot: Hello Again from Mike and Family!!!!!!!! and apparently is finding his sense of humour!
Edit: added Funny Cide article

Update 583: Another comfortable night last night for Barbaro (friday night). As I suspected, I had to go to Michael’s barn to get the update (he had heard from Dr. Richardson). There is not much training going on other than that done in each barn’s respective shedrows. I shedrowed two for Tim, but was pretty glad to get out of there. I suspect Fair Hill might be a little busy tomorrow if the storm clears out. Michael also mentioned that Dr. Richardson is returning from his vacation today.
update 7:40 am, saturday, september 2

Update 582: Here is the assessment of Fog by UC Davis, and I assume this was published before the Bloodhorse piece that indicated they were going to begin Chemotherapy: Lost in the Fog Update — Sept. 1, 2006, relevant excerpt:

Lost in the Fog was very bright, alert, comfortable, eating well, and physically looked very good and in good spirits. He has not shown any signs of abdominal discomfort this week. The tumor in his spleen and the second tumor high in the abdomen between his kidneys and below his spinal column have not changed in size during the past two weeks, and no new tumors were detected in the spleen or liver or other abdominal or thoracic organs.

These findings indicate that the dexamathasone treatment has controlled the previously rapid growth of the tumors but has not caused them to shrink.

The location and size of the tumor high in the abdomen precludes the possibility that it can be removed surgically; however, chemotherapy remains an option, with the goal of inducing remission of the tumor masses.

The Thoroghbred Times also reports on Fog’s current condition: Lost in the Fog to undergo chemotherapy treatments.

It is a wet, blustery morning this morning. This will certainly make training more complicated. No doubt the dirt track will be shut again, but the wood chip track will be open, and I bet a few trainers will send a few horses out there. The barn shedrows will be the busy training spots today as most horsemen will jog / walk their horses around their respective shedrows. For salaried riders, days like today are obviously not a problem. For freelancers, we only get paid for what we ride, so today will not be profitable!

It may also be a little tricky to get the Barbaro update early this morning, its likely I will need to venture over to Michael Matz’s barn, so I do anticipate a delay.

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Barbaro Updates: 62
Posted September 1, 2006

updates are now here.

Update 581: Chemotherapy Next for Champ Lost in the Fog, some relevant excerpts:

Gilchrist, during a brief teleconference from Golden Gate Fields, said the hope is that chemotherapy can put the 4-year-old colt’s lymphoma into remission and give the horse as much as two years of quality life.

“It would have to be a miracle for Lost in the Fog to be cured,” Gilchrist said. “This is something that puts it into remission and allows him to go on.”


“We’ve come to another cross in the road. They feel that we were doing isn’t really helping that much,” Gilchrist said. “He could have two, three, four months (to live) with what we are doing right now. There are always exceptions, of course, when you are dealing with something like this. But with chemotherapy it could be as much as two years.”


In the meantime, Lost in the Fog “is in very good spirits,” Gilchrist said, although he has lost a little weight because they haven’t been feeding him as much as they did when he was in training. “His quality of life is good right now. If you just walked up to him, you wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with him. I don’t think he’s being affected by anything going on around him or within him.”

Update 580: Just spoke to Peter and he had just spoken to Michael, Barbaro continues to remain comfortable. Michael was over this afternoon and was pleased with Bobby.

Kennett Florist’s Alie left this comment (timestamp: 9:05pm):

Hello All
I went to NBC before 9 this morning with bagels, coffee, juices, cream cheeses, ect. with a side of green tops. I went back alittle before
4 pm. With snacks for the next shift. And evening carotts & treats for ICU. I cannot tell the number of people who ask me to express how much They appreciate all you guys do. All seemed well. Everyone rushing around, before the storm starts. So far we have only had a little drizzle.
I will check in tomorrow. Rachel will be back Tuesday.
Have a great night.
God Bless.
We Believe
From Kennett square & KF

And finally, we will have a vigil tomorrow, September 2, 7 pm east coast time. This will be for both Barbaro and Lost in the Fog. Whereever you are, whatever you are doing, spare some time for Bobby and The Fog.

Update 579: Lost in the Fog’s condition unchanged from the Daily Racing Form. Relevant excerpt:

“There’s really not much to say. Everything is pretty much as it was,” trainer Greg Gilchrist said from Del Mar on Friday. “Yesterday, we scanned the horse again, and, really, there’s no change. Things are no better. Things are no worse. Everything’s pretty much status quo.”

Gilchrist said that he and Lost in the Fog’s owner, Harry Aleo, would consult with veterinarians, “and we’ll discuss our options.”

Update 578: Just spoke to Steve Willard, Giacomo’s exercise rider. Giacomo had his first breeze today since his run in the Pacific Classic. As Steve said to me, he was feeling good and doing well so it was time to breeze him again. He breezed well, he went 5/8ths of a mile. He was blowing a little bit after the breeze (very normal) and cooled out well. Steve also noted that Giacomo’s mental attitude is terrific after his last race. Steve was not yet sure what race they were pointing for next for Giacomo but great to hear he is doing well. Steve now gets a day off!

Update 577: Just spoke to Barclay Tagg. Funny Cide had his final gallop before tomorrow’s Woodward. He did the same as yesterday (on the “Clare Court” track, galloping three times around). He went well and is feeling good! He will go out for a quick jog tomorrow as the race is quite late in the afternoon (lets hope the weather cooperates).

Fair Hill’s woodchip track was a busy place this morning. The dirt was closed and there was plenty of traffic for one track in anticipation of the pending weather coming in. Right after the break a few of the Fair Hill “Big Guns” were out to breeze. Miraculous Miss, under Ramon Dominguez went 5/8ths, I think in about 1:01. This may be her final stiff breeze before she starts back (she has not run since the Acorn). Also out breezing were the Graham Motion pair, Better Talk Now and Film Maker. They also went 5/8ths, nice and easy, in hand (I think). I believe that may be their first works since their Arlington trip a couple of weekends ago. I was also out breezing, with Tim, hence I could not really watch the aforementioned breezes too closely. I did see Miraculous Miss at the beginning of her breeze, she was coming by between the 3/8ths and half mile pole, as we were turning in. She looked like she was galloping along. Our breeze also went well, nice and in hand.

Update 576: Another comfortable night last night for Barbaro (thursday night). Just saw Michael Matz on my way to the woodchip track for my second set to breeze Chappy. Tim and I are breezing in company; Tim is on Who’s Happy. Unfortunately, the dirt track is closed today due to the impending weather which makes for a little too exciting a time on the woodchip track with all the horses out there. I think Miraculous Miss might also be breezing today after the break.
updated friday 6:55am

Update 575: The Woodward, the marquee race for saturday, is currently an eleven horse field, headed by Flower Alley, last year’s Travers winner. Funny Cide will be in post position 10 (assuming the track is not sloppy and he does run). Flower Alley on his game. Coverage is on ESPN, 4:30 pm.

On the three year old front, Brother Derek and Bob and John are both making their first starts back since the triple crown, against each other on saturday in Del Mar: Brother Derek back, faces Bob and John. An excerpt:

The bar has been raised high. Bernardini has parlayed his Preakness victory into wins in the Jim Dandy and Travers Stakes. Lawyer Ron came back last weekend to capture the St. Louis Derby. Discreet Cat romped last weekend at Saratoga. Showing Up took the Secretariat Stakes. Yes, many of the top 3-year-olds from the first half of the year have kept on motoring right through the summer.

Now it’s time for two more familiar names to show if they are as good now as they were then. On Saturday at Del Mar, two of the spring’s biggest stars make their comebacks, with the added intrigue of racing against one another.

We know Bluegrass Cat has now returned home: Bluegrass Cat finds home at stud farm, a decision whether to perform surgery has not yet been made, excerpt:

Pletcher said he is not sure what will happen now but he said WinStar, which owns the colt, was leaning toward not performing surgery on the leg.

Lost in the Fog’s test results should be made available (to his connections) today, the results are to be compared with previous tests: Lost in the Fog undergoes tests:

Results of the detailed physical examination, which took an hour on Thursday afternoon, won’t be known for 24 hours until blood work is analyzed and comparisons are made between the ultrasound examination with previous tests.

For those considering visiting Fair Hill this weekend, check the weather! You are still welcome to visit us, be at Parlo 1 at 8 am, but if there is wet weather it will not be as much fun, and there won’t be too much activity.