Barbaro Updates: 251 – 253

Barbaro, with Messaging, at Fair Hill Training Center

Update 253: Barbaro had another comfortable night last night (sunday). Again, he was able to get up and down two or three times. Michael Matz relayed this positive news to me as I was coming back from the track at 6:50 this morning (monday morning). He had just spoken to Dean Richardson.
Updated 7:10am

Update 252: No new update this evening. It seems this Bloomberg article: Racehorse Barbaro Keeps Positive Attitude, Healthy Appetite (thanks Lisa) seems to confirm what we learned earlier today.

While things remain critical regarding Laminitis, I think the next “event” is a cast change on the right hind, likely early next week (me speculating).

Some have noticed Delaware Park has a cool video “Get Well Barbaro”. Others may notice how similar this is to Beautiful Barbaro. Great work Jayne! For those new to this site you may want to look at all the entries on the Fan Media page. Its pretty awesome (I can say that since I did not contribute)!

Update 251: Starting a new entry as the comments of the previous updates seems to be behaving oddly. I went to Delaware Park, but left before the big races to come back and watch on ESPN2. I am still waiting to watch (the races have run)! I did get to Delaware Park early in order to meet Jeannine and go and watch her interview with Michael Matz from yesterday at Delaware Park (a piece of which should be included in the ESPN2 piece). It was a very good (5 minute) interview. It makes me think that while I understand only a segment of the interview will be edited into the TV coverage, the entire interview should be made available on the ESPN site (hint hint). You could see Michael get visibly emotional as Michael noted towards the end of the interview:

“All it takes is one miracle” (when discussing Bobby’s prognosis)… and with tears in his eyes “he’s a fighter”

We snapped a couple of pictures of a nice poster from a fan (7 yo Taylor), who is dropping the poster (along with her parents) off at New Bolton on their way home